Love Tacos? Hearthstone Has You Covered Every Taco Tuesday

Love Tacos? Hearthstone Has You Covered Every Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday Summerlin Nevada

Here at Hearthstone, there is nothing we really love more than tacos. After all, can you blame us? We may be in the food business, but that doesn’t mean we ever get our fill of tacos. This is not only why we take the time to make sure we are creating the most delicious tacos in all of Summerlin, Nevada – but also why we have decided to launch a new weekday special that is all about our love of tacos.

Here at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar, we have many patrons who come to us for our delicious wines, our hearty entrees or our flavorful pizzas, but it is often our tacos that leave our guests the most surprised. Created by Chef Brian Massie and designed with a full flavor pallet in mind, these tacos are truly out of this world and unlike any other you will try. What is most important is that on Tuesdays, they are cheaper than you would ever imagine.

Brian Massive is an Executive chef and is known for creating refined rustic cuisine and using seasonal ingredients to create flavorful cuisine. Our tacos are no exception. If you think you’ve tasted tacos before, then we promise you, that you have never had tacos quite like this.

Starting now, every Tuesday at Hearthstone is officially Taco Tuesday. As part of this weekly event we are offering a special deal that is just $24 for a traditional taco plate and all you can drink tequila and margaritas. After all, nothing compliments a delicious taco quite like some tequila. Now you can enjoy both, together, all night, every Tuesday. This special starts now and runs every Tuesday.

Now that we have your mouth watering, make sure that you make plans for next Tuesday evening to come down to Hearthstone and take advantage of our Taco Tuesday specials. There is no better deal on tacos and tequila in the city and no better way to make Tuesday night the most fun night of the week. We can’t wait to see you there!