Have You Tried Hearthstone’s Reverse Happy Hour?

Have You Tried Hearthstone’s Reverse Happy Hour?

(Source: Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar Facebook page)

Happy Hour Summerlin

Happy hour. These two glorious words have the power to invoke joy, anticipation, and serious thirst. Typically taking place in the late afternoon and early evening, Happy Hour is a restaurant and bar tradition which allows customers to take advantage of great specials on food and drink at amazing prices.

At Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar, we offer an amazing happy hour on a daily basis. But did you know that on Saturdays, we also offer a Reverse Happy Hour from 9-11pm? In case you haven’t received the memo, we’d like to offer a brief education on this excellent special and what makes it so vital to your continued happiness at large.

happy hour summerlin

(Source: Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar Facebook page)

What is happy hour? First things first. Before you can understand Reverse Happy Hour, it’s important to have a good handle on what a basic Happy Hour is, exactly. So…what is Happy Hour?

“Happy Hour” is a marketing term which refers to a short period wherein products (usually alcohol-based beverages and food items at restaurants or bars) are offered at a discount. Actually, while the title is singular, the hours are usually plural: most “Happy Hour” specials take place for a couple of hours, most frequently in the late afternoon or early evening.

Why does happy hour exist? These days, if you go to a bar or restaurant during Happy Hour, it’s often very busy and bustling. However, this was not always the case. At one time, pre-dinner hours were very slow in restaurants. The special evolved as a way to lure in more customers during these traditionally slow, and low-profit, hours.

The concept quickly took on, and has now become a time-honored tradition. Today, “Happy Hour” might be applied to any number of specials offered for a short finite period–not just food and drinks. For example, a pet store might offer a “Happy Hour” wherein products are sold at a low cost during their slowest hours, or a doughnut shop might offer their own “Happy Hour” where they would sell doughnuts at cut-rate prices toward the end of the day.

What is Reverse Happy Hour? At Hearthstone, we think that happy hour is so nice, we offer it twice! While we offer our regular happy hour from 5-7pm on a daily basis, each Saturday from 9-11pm, we offer a second happy hour. This is the perfect time to enjoy a post-dinner drink or get the Las Vegas festivities started for the evening!

reverse happy hour

(Source: Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar Facebook page)

Reverse happy hour specials at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar

At Hearthstone, the Reverse Happy Hour specials are the same as our regular Happy Hour specials: a variety of food and drink options available for $6 each.

Food-wise, you’ll find a sampling of small plates for every type of appetite. If it’s something salty and savory you crave, you’ll love our Pigs in a Blanket (with mustard and ketchup) or our Chicken Wings (Buffalo-style, served with bleu cheese) or our Sweet Potato Fries (served with an addictive Harissa yogurt dipping sauce). If something healthier or lighter is what you desire, you may opt for our Harvest Quinoa Salad (made with chickpea, apple, gouda, and roasted pumpkin seeds) or our Vegetarian Sliders (served with whole wheat buns, avocado, vegan quinoa mayo, and roasted tomato).

Drink-wise, we have wines on tap, draft beers, and well drinks. And just to reiterate: everything is just $6 each! This makes both our Happy Hour and our Reverse Happy Hour an epic way to taste and drink your way through the menu at amazing prices.

happy hour

(Source: Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar Facebook page)

Five reasons why you must try Hearthstone’s Reverse Happy Hour

Not to put too fine a point on it, here’s why you should come enjoy Reverse Happy Hour at Hearthstone!

1. The price is right. As mentioned above, the prices at Hearthstone’s Happy Hour are incredible: just $6 each for select food items and drink specials. Whether you simply want to get a few rounds of drinks or to sample some small plates or both, this is the time to do it in the most price-effective way.

2. A variety of drink options. Are you a wine drinker? Or are you a beer enthusiast? Or do you prefer cocktails? Regardless of your answer, there’s a drink option for you at Hearthstone’s Reverse Happy Hour. Select wines, draft beers, and well cocktails are all offered at just $6 each.

3. Creative food options. Many restaurants offer greasy and/or uninspiring happy hour food specials. That’s not the case at Hearthstone! In a kitchen helmed by Brian Massie, the offerings are always creative and delicious, and always above average.

4. The perfect time slot. Happy hour is great for celebrating after work or kicking off the cocktail hour before dinner. But if your plans for the night involve partying, you might not want to start drinking quite so early. As such, our Reverse Happy Hour offers the perfect Saturday night special. Timed between 9-11pm, it’s perfect for enjoying a post-dinner drink for some, or for kicking off a big night in Vegas, for others.

3. Because it’s Happy Hour, after all! Reverse Happy Hour has all the fun of regular happy hour, but at a different time. Happy hour is a great thing at any hour of the day!

At Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar, we love to make our customers happy. One of the best ways we can think of to bring them joy is by offering them a chance to enjoy great drink and food specials from 9-11pm on Saturdays! We hope to see you at our Las Vegas Reverse Happy Hour very soon.

Have you tried Hearthstone’s Reverse Happy Hour yet?