Order Your Thanksgiving To Go at Hearthstone

Order Your Thanksgiving To Go at Hearthstone

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but they also tend to bring along their share of stress. Cooking a Thanksgiving meal takes some excellent planning, some cooking talents, and a little bit of luck. Even then, though, cooking makes for a time-consuming process that doesn’t always allow you to visit with your family.

Whether you’re hosting your first Thanksgiving or are trying to balance the challenge of scheduling multiple holiday activities (think football games, parades, and more!), these shortcut tips can help to reduce your stress and make the holiday more enjoyable for your whole family.


If your relatives have favorite dishes, ask them to make them and bring them. Make a list of which dishes you don’t have to cover, and then plan out your menu. This is the perfect time to dig out favorite recipes and start on your shopping list.

But don’t stop your delegating there. Get the kids in on helping out by giving them tasks to help with, such as setting the table, making seating name cards, and helping out with cleaning up the house.

Wash Up Ahead of Time

Are the appliances, serving dishes, and table settings that you will use in storage? Chances are they’ll be in need of a wash, and this is a time-consuming task you can take care of ahead of time. Knowing that all of your dishes and appliances are clean and ready to go will make the task of cooking and preparing the table faster and easier, plus it will be one less to-do on your list for the big day.

Want to get extra-ready for Thanksgiving Day? Take a few minutes and plan out which recipe will go in which serving dish, and then label each dish with a sticky note. This will help to avoid confusion as you prepare to put out the meal, especially if you have multiple people in the kitchen.

Stock Up on Storage

Leftovers might be the best part of Thanksgiving, so be sure that you’re ready with plenty of storage. If you plan to send home guests with leftovers, then pick up some Tupperware or foil containers to make cleanup easy.

Minimize the Decorating

Don’t feel that you have to go all-out with the decorating for Thanksgiving, especially since the meal itself provides such a visual element to the table. A simple tablecloth and a few candles will easily suffice, but you can also ramp things up a bit with some flowers, some dried leaves, or a few Thanksgiving-themed figurines.

Buy a Ready-Made Dinner

If you find yourself stressing about forgetting items on your shopping list, recipes turning out wrong, and timing multiple dishes so that everything’s both cooked and still warm at the same time, let Hearthstone solve all of your Thanksgiving problems.

Here at Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar, we’re offering a delicious Thanksgiving feast to go. We’ll take care of all of the cooking and prep for you, so you can pick up your meal and enjoy more time with your family and less time in the kitchen.

Our Thanksgiving feast includes a whole fried turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potato puree, green bean mushroom casserole, apple raisin stuffing, jalapeno creamed corn, and an apple or pumpkin pie. We include all of the Thanksgiving favorites, all made with the highest quality sourced ingredients.

Know that you have a mashed potato lover in your house, or can’t get enough of green bean mushroom casserole? You can add on additional sides to customize the meal to your family’s tastes. 

To save on time, you can pick up your meal on November 21st, then heat it up on Thanksgiving. Or, if you’d like to pick up your meal hot and ready to eat, you can choose to pick it up on Thanksgiving Day.

Why order to go? Just think of the stress it will save you. There’s no worrying about cooking, burning dishes, or having things come to the table uncooked. There’s no battling the lines at the grocery stores, and no concern that you’ll have forgotten an important ingredient. Plus, when you have family in from out of town, you want to spend your time visiting with them, rather than being stuck in the kitchen. When you order your feast from Hearthstone, you won’t only enjoy delicious food, you’ll get to relax and truly participate in the holiday.

Be sure to order your Hearthstone Thanksgiving feast to go today. Then, sit back and enjoy your holiday stress-free, in the company of your family and friends.