Thanksgiving To Go At Hearthstone

Thanksgiving To Go At Hearthstone

Kick Back and Order In With Hearthstone’s Thanksgiving To Go

Thanksgiving in Summerlin doesn’t have to be the kitchen nightmare that tends to pan out. With Hearthstone, we make things easy!

When you have ample friends and family coming over for a holiday feast this Thanksgiving, you will no doubt run into the issue of trying to prepare not only enough food but tasty food that everyone likes. Some of the most common Thanksgiving fiasco’s include not having enough kitchen space to make everything because it seems like the most common side dishes all have to be prepared at the same time, but at different temperatures. If you only have one oven, this makes things complicated.

And then there are the picky eaters among the family who want their potatoes made a certain way, or they are looking for a hot new recipe text takes a unique spin on Grandma’s traditional Thanksgiving feast. What’s more, when you have large family members present, it seems like everyone wants to help, but in the end, all you get are too many hands in the kitchen.

Don’t let your Thanksgiving become an overwhelming mess full of lots of water over boiling, smoke alarms going off, and family members bickering. Our Thanksgiving meals make it easy for you to enjoy what matters most during this holiday: Family and gratitude.

Thanksgiving Options

We have two options for you. The first is to make your reservation and dine in with your loved ones and us. This makes it simple. You can enjoy all of the delicacies of a Thanksgiving dinner without the mess left behind in your kitchen. We have ample reservation times available so you can pick an earlier meal, or have the entire day to send the family and then come in for a late evening option.

With the Thanksgiving To-Go in Summerlin, we at Hearthstone do all the heavy lifting. If you have family members coming in from out of town, but no one wants to go out, we can help you by bringing Thanksgiving in with our To-Go meal options. What is included when you book your reservation for in-house dining or an option to go?

For only $225, we give you a to-go Thanksgiving menu that is large enough to serve ten people. Included is an herb-roasted whole turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potato puree, traditional mac and cheese, apple raisin jalapeno creamed corn, and for dessert, you can choose between apple pie or pumpkin pie. Of course, if you don’t want to make the decision, you can always purchase an additional pie for $12 each so that you can offer both of the classics to your family this holiday season.

You can even order online. If you decide sometime before November 24th that you want to take advantage of this deal because planning is just too overwhelming Thanksgiving deadline is just around the corner, seemingly having sprung up from nowhere, visit us online at:

Book your reservations today for the in dining Thanksgiving feast or the complete Thanksgiving to-go option. Visit: