10 Benefits of Drinking Wine

10 Benefits of Drinking Wine

(Source: Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar Facebook page)

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Wine is a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.”

If you love wine as much as we do at Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar, we think you’ll agree that this sentiment remains 100% true and appropriate even today! 

But while you probably already know that wine is good for the soul, did you know it can do your body good, too? Here are 10 benefits of drinking wine: 

Note: Wine offers the most benefits when enjoyed in moderation. Excess drinking has diminishing returns for your health and is not suggested for a healthy lifestyle! 

benefits of drinking wine

(Source: Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar Facebook page)

  1. It can reduce the risk of heart disease. Wine contains a little something called resveratrol. You don’t necessarily need to know what that is or even to be able to pronounce it, but do know this: it can help improve heart health.

    Recently, research has suggested that resveratrol affects the gut in positive ways that can have the end result of reducing the risk of heart disease.


  1. Fight free radicals. Free radicals might sound like fun, but they’re really anything but. In the body, molecules that have split into single atoms and don’t have a pair tend to search the body for their missing half, and can create oxidative stress and damage to the body in the process. The results? Inflammation, disease, and premature signs of aging.


Great news, though: wine contains antioxidants that can help reduce free radicals. Both red and white wines contain antioxidants, but according to a University of Barcelona study, white wine may be even more effective in fighting free radicals. 


  1. Less risk of stroke. Alcohol, including wine, can help reduce your risk of stroke! It has natural blood thinning effects, which can help break up potential blood clots that could cause strokes. 


In particular, red wine contains properties that help thin the blood. The effect is somewhat  similar to aspirin. It can help to prevent strokes by keeping the blood flowing smoothly. How’s that for a compelling case to enjoy a nice glass of red? 


  1. Wine boosts your immunity. Who couldn’t use a little immune system boost? Moderate wine consumption can help prevent infections, and can actually help give your immune system a little boost. No, you don’t want to stop taking vitamins and adhering to other general health practices, but every bit helps! 


  1. Wine is brain food. How’s this for food for thought? Wine can engage the brain. Even a single glass of wine can improve brain function. Wine can actually help prolong the life of neurons and can help fend off dementia and neurodegenerative diseases. Wait, wine can make you smarter? Cheers to that! 


  1. Lower “bad” cholesterol. As you’ve probably heard, there are different types of cholesterol. Some, like HDL (the “good” cholesterol) are necessary to our health, but other types like LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) can create health problems. 


Wine contains resveratrol, which decreases LDL and increases HDL. How’s that for some good medicine?


  1. It can help you live longer. It’s been theorized that Mediterraneans live longer due to their diet, which is rich in olive oil, vegetables, and wine.  


Once again, resveratrol gets credit. According toHarvard Medical School research, resveratrol can activate anti-aging properties by interacting with the body’s proteins. Not only does wine makes life more enjoyable, but it may help you enjoy more of it! 


  1. It’s great for digestion. According to Wine Spectator, researchers in Portugal found that red wine’s polyphenols can trigger nitric oxide, which helps the stomach relax. This can help improve digestion. So you can rest easy knowing that wine is going to help you enjoy not only your food but keep you comfortable after the meal, too!  

benefits of drinking wine

(Source: Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar Facebook page)


  1. It makes food taste better. Wine is fine, but with food, it’s divine. Food and wine together is the stuff of memorable meals. 


At Hearthstone, we make it easy to enjoy the best of both worlds. Our extensive wine menu includes all sorts of styles and varieties that can be paired with everything on our menu. So no matter what you choose from our menu, from pizza to our burger to a salad or even shellfish, we’ve got the perfect glass or bottle on our extensive wine menu to pair with it! 


  1. It’s fun to share with friends. Wine is a convivial kind of drink, and it’s so much fun to share with friends. It has the power to make jokes funnier, stories more intimate, and creates warm and fuzzy feelings. It just makes life so much better! 


Ready to enjoy some fine times and fine wines? Join us at Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar for an incredible wine list that never disappoints! Be sure to visit us on Vino Mondays, when you can score an incredible price on wine: half off all bottles! Ready to visit? Make a reservation today


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