Head To Hearthstone For The Super Bowl

The Big Game 57 Specialty Menu at Hearthstone Is Super Bowl Goals 

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year, with 99.9 million people tuning in to watch last year in 2022. There are a lot of different traditions associated with the Super Bowl, from the popular food and appetizers to where people watch the game. If you’re over trying to cram around one TV or fight for a bite of your favorites at a friend’s Super Bowl party, then head to Hearthstone for the Super Bowl. Hearthstone’s cozy atmosphere is reminiscent of an intimate home gathering but with more amenities and great food that you don’t have to balance on your lap. Hearthstone is also going all out for Game 57 with their Specialty Menu so you can have the traditional favorites of Super Bowl apps from the first snap until the game wraps! 

Big Game 57 Specialty Menu 

For the Big Game on Sunday, February 12th, Hearthstone has all of the classic appetizers we all know and love for only $18. Try one or all of them; share them, or hog them–just make sure to savor every bite! Each one of these appealing appetizers also goes great with any beverage, but beer especially. It is the Super Bowl after all, where 325.5 gallons of beer are consumed on average and ⅓ of Americans call out “sick” to work the next day from all the food and fun. Alas, this magical night only comes but once a year, so good thing you made the most of it by coming to Hearthstone for the Super Bowl!  

Pigs in a Blanket: 

Smoked sausages snuggled in a puff pastry with both ketchup and mustard dipping sauce 

Beer Pairing: Steigl Grapefruit Radler 

Cheeseburger Sliders: 

Certified Angus Beef patties topped with pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle sauce

Beer Pairing: Firestone 805 American Blonde Ale 

BBQ Pork Sliders: 

Juicy and tender pulled pork with a Carolina BBQ sauce and coleslaw 

Beer Pairing: Elysian Space Dust IPA 

Grilled Mahi Tacos: 

Robust Mahi Mahi grilled and sectioned to perfection with corn tortillas and cabbage topped with mango salsa and chipotle aioli 

Beer Pairing: Lagunitas IPA 


Prime Rib Chili Cheese Nachos: 

Golden tortilla chips smothered in chili, and cheese, and topped with jalapeños, pico de gallo, and sour cream

Beer Pairing: Firestone Mocha Dolce Stout 


Reserve your spot for the Super Bowl at Hearthstone here and if you need a little hype before the big night, check out Hearthstone’s Instagram!