This Presidents Day at Hearthstone, Eat Like A Commander in Chief

This Presidents Day at Hearthstone, Eat Like A Commander in Chief

Hearthstone Has The Presidential Favs You Crave 

Presidents Day is a unique holiday in that many people don’t really know exactly what it’s for, but they sure are grateful they don’t have to go to work. This Presidents Day at Hearthstone, you’ll learn the meaning of this blessed day of rest and have a chance to enjoy some favorite dishes of our previous Prez’s. Well, at least you can try most of them–it’s unclear whether the state of Nevada allows restaurants to serve squirrel. 

A Tale of Two Presidents

Technically, Presidents Day was–and still is on federal calendars–George Washington’s birthday. The date February 22nd was declared a federal holiday in1885, but in the 1960’s it was changed to be the third Monday in February every year in order to give federal workers a three-day weekend. To justify moving it from G Dub’s actual birthday, lawmakers said the new day was also to honor Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday was February 12th. Why Lincoln instead of the other 2 presidents born in February? Because now the day commemorates the president who secured the initial freedom for the United States via the Revolutionary War (Washington) and the other who ensured the unity of the nation through the Civil War (Lincoln).

Plates for Heads of State 

President’s Day has widely become an unofficial honorary of all the U.S. Presidents, but if you’re looking to celebrate the OG’s, there are a few great options from Hearthstone’s menu. You can eat simply but heartily like George Washington with the Hearth Roasted Salmon, but make sure you wash it down with some red wine as the General liked to have about 4-5 glasses with his dinner  (keep in mind everything was smaller back then, like hopefully wine glasses). If you want to be drinkin’ like Lincoln, then opt for the Heartfelt Fashion with Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon and Clover Honey, a nod to Lincoln’s Kentucky roots. Surprisingly, 6’4” Honest Abe wasn’t a big eater, with historians noting that his wife Mary Todd often had to nag him into consuming more food. If you’re a fellow picky eater, then go a side of corn in a nod to Illinois–the Land of Lincoln. 

Whatever You Say, Chief

Unfortunately, there are some presidential palettes too weird to replicate this Presidents Day at Hearthstone. It’s a close call of which has the most ick: squirrel stew (both James Garfield’s and William Henry Harrison’s favorite) or cottage cheese mixed with ketchup (Richard Nixon’s). Ronald Reagan’s favorite meal is listed merely as “jellybeans,” which would be more worrisome and less impressive if he hadn’t lived to be 93 years old. However, if you do want a dish that incorporates several of the former presidents’ favorites, then Hearthstone’s Hanger Steak is the way to go. Truman, Taft, and Teddy Roosevelt were all known to enjoy a good cut of meat with a side of potatoes. 

You can take a deeper dive into Presidential favorite foods here, or better yet go ahead and look at all of Hearthstone’s amazing dishes instead. They’re going to be your favorites soon!