Hearthstone’s Cozy Atmosphere Will Cheer Up Your Winter Blues

Survive Winter’s Last Hurrah at Hearthstone 

The weather in Las Vegas has been far from normal the past few weeks, and it looks like there’s a little bit of winter on the schedule for the beginning of March. Usually, temperatures average in the 70s and blue skies are prevalent this time of year, so this rain and windy 40s and 50s can feel downright apocalyptic. Luckily, Hearthstone’s cozy atmosphere and amazing menu are perfect for hunkering down until spring finally, well–springs. Come into Hearthstone this week to beat these late winter blues! 

There’s No Place Like Hearthstone 

One of the best things about Hearthstone is that it feels like home. Its modern farmhouse meets upscale study vibe is both welcoming and relaxing. This effect is doubled with the adorable and cozy lounge area decked out with leather couches, cushioned chairs, and candles adorning rustic coffee tables fringed with plants. The ambiance is perfect for a day when the weather outside is frightful, and you would rather be someplace much more delightful. Hearthstone’s cozy atmosphere is the perfect solution when you’re tired of being cooped up at home due to the weather but still want to be comfortable. 

Winter Eats

When it comes to winter weather, the first thing most people like to eat is a warm and steamy bowl of soup. Hearthstone’s Roasted Tomato Soup is just the ticket, and it comes with a Vermont-aged cheddar grilled cheese drizzled in basil oil for that extra hearty touch. There are also foods that are important to eat during the winter or low-pressure weather systems in order to keep your immune system functioning at top-notch. Staples like cheese, eggs, and fish boost your levels of B12, which is excellent for your health and mood. The Hearth Roasted Scottish Salmon or Baja Striped Bass are both excellent options, and they also come with sides of veggies. Broccoli is rich with Vitamin C–another immune booster–so you can add on a side of Hearth Roasted Broccolini to any dish for a dose of deliciousness that just so happens to be healthy. 

Winter Drinks

People who grew up in colder climates know that a good bourbon does wonders in warming you up on a blustery day. Additionally, if you’re throat is scratchy or you feel a tickle coming on, honey is helpful in soothing any inflammation. That’s why the Heartfelt Fashion with Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon and Clover Honey is the perfect drink for cozying up at Hearthstone this week. Its dash of orange bitters adds zest and a little Vitamin C as well, so it will work for you on numerous levels. Other great Hearthstone cocktails of similar nature are the Grand Manhattan with Maker’s Mark, Grand Marnier, Sweet Vermouth, Angostura, and Orange Bitters, or the Haymaker with Howler Head Whiskey, Orgeat Giffard Liqueur, and Lemon. 

Take a look at Hearthstone’s other great menu options here or on Instagram for a little incentive to brave the sweater weather and come out for a great time!