4th Of July At Hearthstone

4th Of July At Hearthstone

4th Of July in Summerlin Nevada at Hearthstone

This Fourth of July, celebrate your Independence Day without leaving behind a mess in your kitchen. Come down to Hearthstone and leave the summer entertaining to us. We can help you with a pre-fireworks dinner party and give you the opportunity to catch a view of the fireworks directly from our patio this 4th of July. You won’t want to miss these fireworks in Summerlin. And when it’s done we keep the post-fireworks party going with live music available from 6 pm onward and our collection of great food sure to satiate everyone among you.

We bring American rustic dining to you. We all know the red, white, and blue are the embodiment of our country and luckily we offer delicious foods that encompass the same color scheme, including white ricotta, blue cheese chicken wings, and the rich reds of peppers, apples, meats and more.

4th of July Hearthstone Drink Specials

Hearthstone will feature a special cocktail, “The Sweet Home Alabama” for $10. It consists of Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon Whiskey, peach, lemon, mint and Blood Orange soda. We’ll also be serving up $5 Wild Turkey shots when you order any draft beer.

4th of july at hearthstone summerlin

4th of July Food

If you are not up for planning an entire menu for your Fourth of July celebration, spend your Independence Day with us. We have a complete menu that offers tasty spare ribs with a delightful glaze, shrimp cocktails, fresh oysters, 4 groups of 3, 6, or 12. No matter how large your family or your group of friends, we have something for everyone. Our shellfish platters don’t make you choose just one thing. The appetizers we provide run the gamut from a delectable chef’s meat and cheese board to wood-roasted octopus, baked truffle ricotta, and even charred shishito peppers.

We offer spicy, flavorful options to serve as the centerpiece dish during this celebration. Straight from the kitchen, you can enjoy braised short ribs with charred Brussel sprouts, truffle ricotta, spicy sweet potatoes, or try your hand at the Calabrian shrimp pasta. 

Make it a multi-course meal, with seafood or steaks as your centerpiece offset by crispy sweet potato fries, garlic mashed potatoes, delicious soups, and salads. Light eaters can enjoy sandwiches and small pizzas. Vegans have an array of menu options and are not limited to just one thing. 

Of course, you need something to imbibe during this American holiday and what better way to celebrate America being born than with cold, local IPAs, sweets chocolatey desserts, or rich mixed beverages designed to satisfy the taste buds of everyone in attendance.

4th of july at hearthstone summerlin

Don’t wait. You deserve to try the inspirational menu ideas our chefs have worked so hard to cultivate. You shouldn’t be without options this holiday and we will make sure you aren’t. With our tasty snacks on hand for nibbling throughout the evening and our delectable main event meals, you can top off your Fourth of July celebration by indulging in our collection of sweet desserts. Let us make this holiday a thrill.

So if you are ready to catch a glimpse of the fireworks in Summerlin while relaxing on our patio, adrift in the sea of live music in the background and the cacophony of conversation and socialization, book your reservations today for the Independence Day dinner at Hearthstone.