5 Reasons You Need a Mega Mule

5 Reasons You Need a Mega Mule

Enjoy a Mega Mule at Hearthstone

Whether you’re looking for a cocktail with great flavor or want that perfect drink that will complement a bunch of different dishes, the Moscow Mule is probably the right choice for you. At Hearthstone, our Moscow Mule is one of our most popular cocktails, and with good reason. Versatile, delicious, and with an interesting history, the Moscow Mule might just be your new favorite drink. Here are five reasons to give it a try.

It’s Delicious

In true Hearthstone fashion, our Moscow Mule features only the freshest ingredients, maximizing flavor and ensuring it tastes delicious. First, we start with 50 Bleu Vodka. Then, we add in Fever Tree Ginger Beer for the classic mule flavor. We top this cocktail with fresh lime and it’s ready for you to enjoy.

New to cocktails, or just prefer drinks that don’t overwhelm you with strength and contrasting flavors? The Moscow Mule is your drink. Ginger and lime are flavors you’re sure to be familiar with, and the copper cup dresses up the drink a bit without all the frills of some over-the-top cocktails.

It Pairs Well With Many Dishes

The Moscow Mule is a versatile drink, and with its refreshing fizz and ginger flavors, you can pair it with most dishes on the Hearthstone menu. This drink can tone down the spice of plates like our Jalapeno Curry Hummus, but it’s reserved enough to also pair well with most of our soups and salads, as well as with dishes like our Rotisserie Chicken and our Braised Short Rib. It won’t overwhelm the flavors of a dish, but you can always enjoy it on its own, too.

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It’s the Perfect Way to Celebrate Autumn in Summerlin

With its refreshing ginger flavor, the Moscow Mule is popular in both summer and in autumn. As dishes with seasonal ingredients like squash and pumpkin come into season, the Moscow Mule will continue to fit into any menu. This drink is also a great option for the holiday season, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas on their way, a Moscow Mule may be the perfect cocktail to offer guests at home or to enjoy here at Hearthstone.

It Has a Rich History

The Moscow Mule first became popular in the 1940s, and it combined ingredients that weren’t selling. Bartenders at the Cock ‘N’ Bull located in Hollywood found themselves sitting on an excess of ginger beer and Smirnoff Vodka, but combining the two in a new drink made them new and exciting again.

The next part of the puzzle included a little bit of luck. Sophie Berezinski, an immigrant from Russia, brought 2,000 copper mugs from her father’s copper shop with her when she traveled to California. She tried to sell them through Los Angeles, and the Cock ‘N’ Bull was willing to buy them to help draw attention to their new vodka-ginger beer drink.

The popularity of the Moscow Mule generated huge popularity for Smirnoff Vodka, but it simultaneously almost became the brand’s undoing. During the stalemate between the United States and the U.S.S.R. during the Cold War, a rumor that Smirnoff was Russian-made started to circulate, and bartenders in New York started to boycott the brand. Smirnoff was actually founded in Bethel, Connecticut, and wasn’t Russian at all. Luckily for Smirnoff, the rumor came to an end and bartenders and customers supported the brand.

It’s an Excuse to Visit Hearthstone

If you need another reason to try our Moscow Mule, then remember that it’s another chance to visit Hearthstone. Our extensive menu is always changing, which means there’s sure to be something new to try each time you visit. Plus, with Hearthstone being conveniently located in the Red Rock Casino, we’re easily accessible and an ideal destination for after-dinner drinks with friends, to grab a quick dinner with your family after a busy day at work, or even to celebrate a special occasion with a group.

To enjoy a great Moscow Mule and a delicious meal, make a reservation at Hearthstone.