America is A Melting Pot

America is A Melting Pot

Everyone knows that America is a melting pot—and that it was formed based on people coming together from all different nations. There are so many cultures that have influenced America and here at Hearthstone we couldn’t love this feature about America any more.

Here at Hearthstone, we were inspired by America’s unique blend of cultures to create our multi-faceted menu. Just take a look at a few of our different dishes on our menu and the unique cultural influences that helped make these dishes a reality.

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Jalapeno Curry Hummus- Here at Hearthstone we love mixing together flavors from different countries and cultures. This can be seen in dishes like our Jalapeno Curry Hummus. Hummus is a traditional Middle Eastern dish, but we decided to add a hint of Curry (famous in Indian cuisine) to give it a fun kick of flavor.

Mediterranean Branzino- We brought Mediterranean style cooking to life with this delicious dish. We use fresh Mediterranean-inspired ingredients that are fresh, light and healthy to create this lobster risotto dish with bright citrus flavors.

Pizza- You will see real Italian-style pizza on our menu, and so many different types and flavors of pizza to choose from This isn’t your average fast-food delivery pizza, this is real, wood-fire baked Italian-style pizza.

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French-Onion Soup- This delicious soup actually dates back to the 18th century in France, and we have taken this classic dish to the next level with our secret house-made recipe. You can enjoy croutons and melted cheese on top to create a delicious soup that can be a pre-dinner treat, or even a full lunch!

Lobster Rolls- Did you know that lobster rolls actually come from Canada? Yup, we borrowed this recipe from our neighbors in the north to create fresh, delicious lobster rolls that you have to taste to believe.

Charred Shishito Peppers- This Japanese dish gets a modern twist here at Hearthstone. These are some of the most popular peppers in Japan, and we serve them with a citrus ponzu and bonito flakes. Our twist on this classic dish makes the perfect appetizer for sharing.

Feeling hungry? We thought you might be. So, come down to Hearthstone to explore all of the different unique dishes we have our menu and to see how different cultural influences helped us created one of the broadest and most delicious menus in all of Summerlin, Nevada. No matter which dish you choose, we know you will love our unique menu here at Hearthstone!