Brunch Food and Wine Pairings

Brunch Food and Wine Pairings

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Summerlin Brunch Food and Wine Pairings

Wine with brunch? Wine not? After all, it’s a well known fact that one of the best things about brunch is that it basically offers permission to indulge in a little harmless day drinking. What could be finer than enjoying a glass or two of wine with your favorite brunch entree and a group of your favorite people?

At Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar, we take both brunch and our wine list very seriously, and we believe that they are truly better together! To help maximize your enjoyment of wine and brunch, we’ve put together a primer on which wines pair best with items from our brunch menu. Featuring tasting notes and creative suggestions, this is a great way to indulge in your love of wine and experience the best flavors that we have to offer at brunch.

Pairing wine with our brunch menu:

Ready to order? Here are some tasting notes and suggestions for pairing wine with our classic brunch menu items.

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Pro tip: try our bottomless Mimosas!

For just $15, you can score all the mimosas you’d like to accompany your favorite brunch meal. Mimosas are truly a perfect sparkling wine (and fruit) pairing with any and all of our brunch entrees.

Fruit with berry compote:

Complement the natural fruit sweetness of this appetizer with a little sparkle! A mimosa, made with orange juice and sparkling wine, is a natural pairing for this sweet starter.

Coconut cream & seasonal fruit parfait:

This lovely parfait features fresh fruit, coconut cream, and granola. A creamy Chardonnay is a fine pairing for the creaminess of the coconut and the brightness of the fruit.

Warm cinnamon sticky bun:

Decadent is the name of the game here! Our warm sticky bun is served with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting. It’s perfect with a sparkling wine like a sweet Moscato d’asti.

Chicken & waffles:

Wouldn’t you love to shake the hand of the person who dreamed up this savory-sweet masterpiece of a dish? Featuring whole wheat waffles, juicy buttermilk fried chicken, and bourbon maple syrup, it’s complemented perfectly by a bit of bubbles: may we suggest a sparkling Rosé for maximum enjoyment?

2 eggs any style:

How do you like your eggs? No matter how, we’ll serve ‘em up alongside some rustic toast and breakfast potatoes. Wine-wise, you’re pretty open-ended here. According to Eater, the best picks are a sparkling wine, a crisp Rosé, or a smooth, acidic red.

Build your own 3 egg omelette:

Similar to our eggs any style, the omelette comes with toast and potatoes. However, in this case you get to choose from a variety of mix-ins, including bacon, peppers, american cheese, mushrooms, spinach, chicken sausage, ham, and onions. In terms of wine pairing, what you choose will depend on the mix-ins. For instance, if you choose to add mushrooms and cheese, you might opt for a Pinot Noir to pick up on the earthiness of the ‘shrooms. When in doubt, ask your server for suggestions for wine pairings when ordering an omelette!

Ham, egg & cheese croissant.

Featuring two fried eggs, ham, cheese, and breakfast potatoes, this crispy-crunchy, gooey and rich dish is a masterpiece among breakfast sandwiches. With its many hearty flavors, it tastes great with a somewhat fruit-forward red wine, such as Merlot. However, some will also enjoy the contrast of a bright white like Sauvignon Blanc with this dish. See, you have options!

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(Source: Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar Facebook page)

Egg white omelette.

This is a dish suitable for ballerinas, delicate types, or those who just want to keep it healthy while enjoying a great flavor. It features grilled broccoli, spinach, oven roasted tomato, and fresh fruit on the side. This omelette is wonderful with a Riesling, which has subtle fruit flavors which will contrast the savory flavors and work well with the fruit on the side.

Huevos rancheros:

This is considered a classic Tex-mex dish! It’s made with fried eggs, crispy tortilla, and addictive ranchero sauce. Prove how classy you are by ordering it with a lovely sparkling wine or Champagne.

Eggs Benedict options:

On the Hearthstone menu, we feature two Eggs Benedict options. Our classic Eggs Benedict is made with English muffin halves which are then topped with ham, poached eggs, hollandaise, and breakfast potatoes on the side. It’s delightful with a sweet Riesling, which will contrast the rich and savory flavors.

The California Benedict is a little less traditional, featuring chicken, avocado, poached eggs, and hollandaise, served atop tomato portions. The lighter flavors here pair well with a Pinot Noir, which will work with the vegetable and proteins at work in the dish.

Of course, either of these Benedicts will also pair well with a sparkling wine (may we suggest a sparkling Rosé?).

Smoked salmon & bagel:

Missing old New York? Enjoy this classic brunch dish inspired by the East coast, which comes with an everything bagel, whipped cream cheese, sliced tomato, and salmon. Pair it with Chardonnay: the brightness of the wine can stand up to all of those intense flavors!

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Salted caramel French toast:

Everyone loves our salted caramel French toast, which starts with our cinnamon sticky bun as a base and is served with hazelnuts, banana maple syrup, and huckleberries. Wine-wise, don’t try to fight the sweetness: go with it and opt for a Port, which will be even tastier with the saltiness of the dish.


You’ve never had pancakes like ours, which are served with a berry compote, sweet ricotta, and biscotti crumbs. Moscato d’asti or a slightly sweeter sparkling wine will be your best bets for working with this sweet dish.

Corned beef hash:

Looking for a hearty and satisfying brunch dish? This one is a classic, featuring eggs, crispy potatoes, beef, and onion. Believe it or not, the best flavors for wine pairing are actually not too dry. Try it with a Malbec, a Shiraz, or a Merlot. 

If you’re looking for the best Las Vegas Sunday Brunch, you’ve got to visit Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar. We offer a robust and balanced menu of classic brunch dishes, and complement it with an incredible variety of luscious wines. Come visit, sample, and tell us all about your favorite pairing!

What’s your favorite wine with brunch?