Celebrate Dad’s Day the Right Way at Hearthstone

Celebrate Dad’s Day the Right Way at Hearthstone

This Sunday Hearthstone Is Serving Up Perfect Plans for the #1 Dad

Dads are simple creatures. Give them a cold drink, a solid meal, and a little bit of silence and they’ll be happy as a clam. In honor of Father’s Day, Hearthstone is pulling out all the stops to help spoil pops, including writing this blog in Dadspeak aka short and simple. Keep reading for Hearthstone’s Father’s Day Specials

Free Draft Beer

Dads get free draft beer on Father’s Day with a menu purchase. Free. Draft. Beer. Dads. Here is a picture of a cold draft beer for reference: 


Brunch is from 10 am-3 pm. The special is Surf and Turf Benedict. The turf is beef tenderloin. The surf is sauteed shrimp. The sauce is Bearnaise. Bearnaise sauce is creamy and made with butter, eggs, white wine vinegar, and tarragon. You can ask to try the sauce first. It’s okay to try something new. 


Dinner is from 3 pm-10 pm. The special is Broiled Porterhouse Steak. It comes with bacon-wrapped shrimp and grilled jumbo asparagus. There are two sauces: roasted jalapeno hollandaise and chimichurri. No, you do not have to share. Yes, you can clean your plate and tell your server “it was horrible.” But only today. Because it’s Father’s Day.