Celebrate National Lobster Day in Style with Hearthstone

Celebrate National Lobster Day in Style with Hearthstone

Celebrate National Lobster Day with a Famous Lobster Boil at Hearthstone

When you think about a bite of tender lobster, dressed in a touch of lemon and melted butter, it becomes hard to imagine that at one point in the 1800’s this modern delicacy was once known as poor man’s chicken. Today, lobster has definitely made a few elevations in status, and you’d be hard pressed to not find it on the menus of the best restaurants in Summerlin, including Hearthstone.

As it turns out, we’re not the only ones who are infatuated with lobster. Our nation’s love affair with the irresistible crustacean has prompted the lobster to become the star of a national holiday. At Hearthstone, we are excited to celebrate National Lobster Day on Wednesday, September 25th and here’s why you should be, too.

The History of Lobster In America

If you’re a lobster lover, you understand the pure joy of discovering a local restaurant serves lobster – and has a reputation for doing so beautifully. While lobster doesn’t make it onto the menu of every restaurant off the Strip in Vegas, it’s always a treat when it does – however, this wasn’t always the case.

When European settlers first reached the shores of North America, lobster was hardly the sought-after delicacy that it is today. In fact, at that point lobster was so plentiful that it sometimes washed up on the shore in knee high piles. As with many things, we don’t always appreciate what we have when it’s so plentiful and within our reach. Due to the sheer quantity of lobster the settlers were faced with, lobster was seen more as nuisance and was considered a protein most fit for only the poorest tables and was routinely fed to prisoners and servants.

Lobsters were so plentiful that Native Americans at the time had used them to fertilize their crops. The most popular way of eating lobster at that point in time involved baking them over hot coals or rocks, while being covered in seaweed scavenged from the ocean. You might recognize this cooking method as being the historical predecessor to the infamous clambake.

At some point in the late 1800s, the tides began to change for the lobster. In larger cities such as Boston and NYC, the popularity of lobster as protein of choice began to rise. Soon, the lobster began making its way on the menus of restaurants where the upper crust of society was giving birth to foodie culture.

Over the years, lobster became a dish that only seen in the highest class of restaurants, until a point in the mid to late 1900s, when it the price point lowered enough to make it more accessible to the masses. Today, while still a higher end protein in terms of cost, lobster can be found in many grocery stores from coast to coast, and has been explored in a variety of dishes, including Hearthstone’s lobster boil.

What Is a Lobster Boil?

Lobster season peaks sometime in late summer, which makes September the perfect time to celebrate our favorite protein with a classic preparation – the lobster boil. There’s something about a classic lobster boil that epitomizes all our favorite things about the end of summer. Those last, lazy days spent with friends before the hectic holiday season hits, enjoying the freshness of harvest flavors from both land and the sea. A lobster boil encompasses all of this, and the good news is that on September 25th, you don’t have to worry about doing the cooking yourself.

A lobster boil is essentially a different version of a clambake. However, we’re not on the beach so we do ours without hot rocks on the sand, or seaweed. What we do accomplish is the perfect preparation of this delicate, flavorful protein with tender corn, harvest vegetables, mussels, and a dash of magic that only Hearthstone knows how to provide.

Why Celebrate National Lobster Day at Hearthstone?

So, there are other Summerlin restaurants where you could walk in and order a lobster dish off the menu on any given day. But National Lobster Day is something different. It’s a special occasion that celebrates the lobster, and Hearthstone’s lobster boil brings to life everything you love about this cherished shellfish.

Plus, Hearthstone is making an irresistible offer for National Lobster Day. Join us at any time between 5 – 10 pm on National Lobster Day and enjoy our famous lobster boil for only $26. This is steal for any dish that features lobster as the star of the show, but for a lobster boil put out by the top-level culinary masters behind Hearthstone’s kitchen – it’s practically the dining deal of the century.

Make Your National Lobster Day Reservations at Hearthstone Today

National Lobster Day only comes once a year, so don’t let this chance to enjoy an amazing lobster boil pass you by. Soon the last remnants of summer will be nothing more than memories, so take the time out of your busy evening on Wednesday, September 25th to join us in the celebration. Make your reservations and RSVP with Hearthstone today.