Drink Pairings With Brunch

Drink Pairings With Brunch

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It’s a well-known fact that one of the best parts about brunch is the beverages. What could be finer than indulging in intoxicating potable with friends over a leisurely late morning (or early afternoon) meal while rehashing the weekend’s exploits and adventures?

At Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar, we take brunch seriously, and we want you to enjoy the best meal experience possible. In order to help facilitate the best possible flavor pairings, here’s a  handy guide to pairing drinks with items from our brunch menu. With tasting notes and pairing suggestions for some of our most popular brunch menu items, this guide will enable you to make educated pairings, and just may inspire you to try something new.

Group and bottomless options

If you’re in a group (or are just very, very thirsty) there are several beverage options which will ensure a long, decadent brunch. These options are purposefully versatile, and will pair with a variety of different menu items. You can’t go wrong with these picks:

  • Bloody Mary tableside cart: Now this is deluxe! Have your drinks assembled tableside for the group, including your choice of Mary mix and a selection of garnish jars, for $70.
  • Bottomless Mimosas: For just $15, you can score all the mimosas you’d like to accompany your favorite brunch meal.

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Pairing drinks with our brunch menu: Ready to order? Here are some tasting notes and suggestions for pairing a beverage with our classic brunch menu items.

Fruit with berry compote: Complement the natural fruit sweetness of this appetizer with a beautiful mimosa! With orange juice and sparkling wine, this is a natural pick to pair with this simple yet sweet dish.

Coconut cream & seasonal fruit parfait: Our virtuous parfait features fresh fruit, coconut cream, and granola. Make it a little naughty by pairing it with a glass of sparkling wine, or try it with our Blackberry Bliss specialty cocktail, which includes vodka, blackberry shrub (a type of fruit liqueur), lime, mint, and ginger beer.

Warm cinnamon sticky bun: Thick with rich cream cheese frosting, this decadent sticky bun isn’t diet food, so it calls for something stronger than diet cola. Our suggestion? Complement it with our Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed cocktail, which includes coee infused rye, cocchi barolo, vittone fernet, and is finished off with angostura and chocolate bitters.

Chicken & waffles: A savory feast like our chicken and waffles, featuring whole wheat waffles, juicy buttermilk fried chicken, and bourbon maple syrup, calls for something carbonated to contrast the richness. You could go sweet with a mimosa, or try it with one of our beer cocktails, such as the Red Rock Sunset, which includes vodka, aperol, orgeat, grapefruit, and grapefruit bitters.

2 eggs any style: We serve eggs in whatever style you like, paired with rustic toast and breakfast potatoes. With a classic dish like this, a variety of flavors will pair well with it; it truly is a menu item where just about any drink will act as an ideal pairing. Whether you want to try our Bloody Mary, keep it sweet with sangria, or try it with a cocktail, it’s bound to go down easy.

Build your own 3 egg omelette: Similar to our eggs any style, the omelette comes with toast and potatoes. However, in this case you get to choose from a variety of mix-ins, including bacon, peppers, american cheese, mushrooms, spinach, chicken sausage, ham, and onions. We like to keep it classic with either a Mimosa or Bloody Mary; while these two options are both very different, they both pair very well with the eggs and can offer a flavor dimension to many of those mix-ins.

Ham, egg & cheese croissant. We’re just gonna say it: featuring two fried eggs, ham, cheese, and breakfast potatoes, this crispy-crunchy, gooey and rich dish is bona fide hangover heaven. It’s even better when served with something a little citrus-y, such as our  Big Tom’s Sour cocktail, which includes rum, fresh orange and pineapple juice, lemon, and egg whites.

Egg white omelette. Well, aren’t you dainty? Featuring grilled broccoli, spinach, oven roasted tomato, and fresh fruit on the side, this omelette calls for something light and bright, such as a mimosa, or try something new by ordering our sangria blanco, a white wine sangria option.

Huevos rancheros: A classic Tex-mex dish featuring fried eggs, crispy tortilla, and addictive ranchero sauce, huevos rancheros pairs perfectly with any of the beer cocktails from our menu; to start, try it with the Desperado, which is made with tequila, sangrita, beer, lime, and a tajin rim.

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Eggs Benedict options: We feature two Eggs Benedict options on our menu. Our classic Eggs Benedict starts with English muffin halves which are then topped with ham, poached eggs, and a crowning glory of hollandaise and breakfast potatoes on the side.

The California Benedict is a little different, and features chicken, avocado, poached eggs, and hollandaise, but this time it’s sitting pretty atop tomatoes. Either way, these are not lightweight breakfasts, so they call for serious drinks to rest by their sides! The hollandaise sauce in either Benedict variation is perfectly complemented by the Honey Badger cocktail, made with gin, belle poire, fresh apple juice, lemon, thai basil, and cardamom honey.

Smoked salmon & bagel: Brunch like you’re on the East coast with this New York style classic. Our platter includes an everything bagel, whipped cream cheese, sliced tomato, and salmon. The key is choosing a beverage assertive enough to stand up to that everything bagel seasoning mix. A worthy option? Our Pimm’s 50, which is made with vodka, house-made Pimm’s #50, lemon, champagne, and ginger beer.

Salted caramel French toast: It’s easy to fall in love with our salted caramel French toast, which is concocted using our cinnamon sticky bun as a base, and served with hazelnuts, banana maple syrup, and huckleberries. Enjoy it with some bubbly, or try it with our My Boy Bleu cocktail, including rosemary infused vodka, amaretto, citrus, egg whites, and lavender bitters.

Pancakes: Served with a berry compote, sweet ricotta, and biscotti crumbs, this is one carb-o-licious dish. Like the French toast, it tastes great with bubbly, or try it with our Blackberry Bliss cocktail, which includes vodka, blackberry shrub, lime, mint, and ginger beer.

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Corned beef hash: A hearty and satisfying brunch classic, featuring eggs, crispy potatoes, beef, and onion. It’s the perfect pairing with a beer cocktail, or choose a contrasting beverage, such as a mimosa, to “cut” through all those rich flavors.

If you’re looking for a killer Las Vegas Sunday Brunch, you’ve got to visit Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar. We offer a robust and balanced menu of classic brunch dishes, and complement it with an incredible variety of luscious libations. Come visit us and tell us all about your favorite pairing!

What’s your favorite brunch beverage?