Experience a Little NOLA on National Oyster Day at Hearthstone

Experience a Little NOLA on National Oyster Day at Hearthstone

Celebrate National Oyster Day at Hearthstone With an Authentic Oyster Po’ Boy 

This Friday, August 5th is National Oyster Day and Hearthstone Cellar has everything you need to set sail toward seafood satisfaction. Oysters–or mollusks for those sticklers for the rules–are considered a delicacy around the world and are great sources of vitamins and minerals (just don’t eat the ones with the pearls or ladies will have nothing to clutch when they’re appalled). Here’s a little bit of oyster history to bolster your appetite for one of the seashore’s delights.  

King Arthur Ate Them, Probably

Oysters are one of those food items that have been a part of the human diet for centuries, particularly because they’re easy to find. They’re located right in the beds of rivers and oceans where they’re easy to spot, squat, and scoop out. They also don’t need any preparation as oysters are meant to be consumed raw. Sure, you can boil, steam, broil, roast, pickle, bake, smoke, or fry them, but you can also just pop that shell top and suck ‘em down. If you’re like Beyonce and carry hot sauce in your bag, then you’re technically ready for oysters anytime, anywhere. 

Speaking of Saucy 

While oysters are amazing no matter how you eat them, this National Oyster Day Hearthstone decided to spice things up with an Oyster Po’ Boy. If you’re unfamiliar with this style of sandwich, it’s like the Gulf Coast version of a sub or a hoagie but with some zest. The Po’ Boy came about during a NOLA streetcar strike in 1929 where the Martin Brothers Restaurant owners vowed to feed any railway employee striking for better working conditions, and gave this sandwich for free to the “poor boys” of Division 194. Ironically, this Hearthstone Po’ Boy is nothing but rich with its golden brown cornmeal deep-fried oysters settled in a bed of lettuce on a crusty french roll, doused in tangy remoulade sauce, and topped with fresh onions. This Po’ Boy will fill you up and make you feel like royalty!

Come Have a Su-Pearl Time at National Oyster Day at Hearthstone

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