Our Favorite Fun Facts About National Chicken Wing Day

Our Favorite Fun Facts About National Chicken Wing Day

National Chicken Wing Day at Hearthstone in Summerlin, Nevada

If you are anything like us here at Hearthstone, then chances are you love chicken wings. Although simple, there is something so delicious and irresistible about a good order of chicken wings. Filled with flavor, perfectly crispy on the outside and tender and meaty on the inside…who doesn’t love chicken wings?

Chicken wings are so great, there is actually a National Chicken Wing Day. This holiday is on July 29th and is one that we love celebrating. In honor of upcoming National Chicken Wing Day, we have cultivated a list of our favorite fun facts about chicken wings to get you in the mood for this event.

  • The Buffalo Chicken Wing was actually created by accident. There is a story circulating around that Buffalo wings were created by accident at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY. The owner of the bar received chicken wings instead of chicken necks (as ordered) so she started making up chicken wings to serve to her customers. They are called Buffalo wings because they became popular in Buffalo.
  • Buffalo, New York is responsible for National Chicken Wing Day. The mayor of Buffalo created National Chicken Wing Day in 1977 and it has been a holiday ever since. There is also a Buffalo Wing Festival on Labor Day weekend in Buffalo. It has a crowd of more than 80,000 people per year.
  • The average American eats 90 wings per year. There is no denying that chicken wings have become a popular staple in American homes and restaurants. You may be surprised to find just how many wings the average American eats every year.
  • The world-record for most chicken wings ever is 444. In an eating event known as the 2015 Wing Bowl, a man by the name of Patrick Bertoletti ate 444 wings in just 26 minutes.
  • The South eats the most wings in the country. The south consumes more chicken wings than any other area of the country. The Pacific Region actually consumes the least amount of chicken wings.
  • Ranch is more popular than Bleu Cheese. There is often a big debate among chicken wing lovers about which dipping sauce is the best. While everyone has their own preference, according to statistics, Ranch is actually more popular than the alternative.
  • The Super Bowl is a big day for eating chicken wings. Americans may love chicken wings all year long, but the biggest day for eating chicken wings in America is the Super Bowl (unsurprisingly). In fact, Americans eat about 1.25 billion wings every year on Super Bowl Sunday alone.

Now that you have chicken wings on the mind, it is time to come down to Hearthstone to give our chicken wings a try. Why not come down on July 29th for National Chicken Wing Day to celebrate your love of chicken wings with some delicious wings made right here at Hearthstone. We have some of the best wings in the city and can’t wait for you to try them out yourself.