Football & Beer Pong

Football & Beer Pong

We are pleased to announce our new beer pong table in Summerlin! That’s right, we have football and beer pong in one place, the perfect relaxed party scene for any who want to enjoy. Don’t pick between relaxing with your friends over a nice game of beer pong, or watching the games you’ve been dying to see. Make your reservations today!

Beer pong is the quintessential party sport of America. Whether it is a college frat party or  football night at a bar, beer pong is lurking in the background. 

So popular is this sport that the last decade has brought out the best in creativity with special versions popping up on the internet, such as:

  • A game with complicated rules that involve specific cups assigned to specific party people
  • Millennium beer pong with 1000 cups and significantly larger teams
  • Beer pong that is converted into other drinks, like half shots of Vodka in each cup instead of beer, labeled “vodka pong”–of course with a larger team and not just two people
  • Special teams of girls versus boys
  • Even a famous picture on Imgur of the WWII version which featured a Swastika on one end and a Star of David on the other, substantially more difficult designs compared to the traditional pyramid
  • And many other creative shapes and designs to boot! 

  Beer pong is seen around the world as the most popular American party game that while the plastic red party cups featured in just about every movie and found on every college campus are purchased in bulk sized bags here, in places like Germany they sell sets of 4 ping pong balls with 24 red cups. This product is sold as the “Amerikan Beer Pong Kit”, a veritable starter kit for Germans who want to bring fun American past times to their local beer festivals. 

That said, there is no need to lock yourself in your garage with your pals, playing on top of a covered work table or foldable camping table. Come to Hearthstone where we have a new beer pong set up, specially for football season. 

Don’t compromise your happiness and force yourself to choose between fun drinking games, quality beer, and sports. We combine the best of both worlds for you: Beer pong and football. 

With our beer pong table in Summerlin, you will find all the competition you could ask for, with high quality beer to boot. No quick trips to the local market for the cheapest beer you always used in college. You are made of better stuff now. 

Come down and watch your favorite football teams, use commercials to hone your skills and create lasting memories with friends. 

But hurry, as this Beer Pong Table In Summerlin is getting a lot of attention. After all, who doesn’t love the concept of Beer Pong and Football?

So make your reservation today for the next football game of choice at: