Football Season Just Another Reason Hearthstone Is the Best In Summerlin

Football Season Just Another Reason Hearthstone Is the Best In Summerlin

Hearthstone Has The Football Season Compromise for Husbands and Wives 

Americans love football, with 37% of the population declaring it’s their favorite sport according to Gallup. That doesn’t sound like a high percentage until you remember that we’re a country that loves sports in general. The NFL is also the most watched sport on television, peaking at  111.9 million for people watching at one time. So it can seem almost shocking to football fanatics if someone isn’t really into watching a game let alone several during the span of a week. Stereotypically, more men than women are hardcore about the sport, so in order to keep the peace within the family this football season, Hearthstone has specials and something for everyone. 

The Price is Right 

If you think you’re going to miss out on football fan specials because you’re not at a sports bar, think again. For all college and professional games this season, Hearthstone is offering $5 domestic drafts and $7 import drafts. To add some sugah to that already sweet deal, you can add a shot of Patron for only $5. So if you see that your team is losing or you are losing interest in the detailed conversation about neighborhood drama and the PTO, you can numb the pain without inflicting too much on your wallet. 


Hearthstone has a classy and cozy environment perfect for an afternoon or dinner out for families, groups of good friends, or date night. It also has strategically placed TVs blended effortlessly into the decor so that you can watch the game outright or sneak a peek at the score over your shoulder–no more fumbling under the table with your phone to check game notifications–which looks pretty sus, by the way. Hearthstone has your back so you can keep up with the pace of the conversation while still keeping tabs on where the pigskin is on the yard line without looking like you’re constantly staring at your own knees.  

Game Day Favs 

Hearthstone has fine-crafted cuisine that covers the spread of taste and preferences for everyone, so you can enjoy a decadent entree like an 8 oz filet with a side of roasted garlic potatoes or give it a more gameday feel and opt for a side of sweet potato waffle fries. There are also “sporty” appetizers like Lollipop wings with buffalo sauce and a side of creamy blue cheese or some big, juicy pork and beef Meatballs with tomato gravy and toasted rustic bread. You can still have your football cake and eat it too at Hearthstone Kitchen. 

With these drink specials, amazing food, ambiance, and the games on the screens, Hearthstone Kitchen is just the ticket for a great night out this football season.