Have Hearthstone At Home For World Cup 2022

Have Hearthstone At Home For World Cup 2022

Let Hearthstone Deliver Dinner While You Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Winners

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is being held this year in November instead of July, which has done nothing but made the 3.6 billion hardcore soccer fans hungrier for their fútbol fix. Be prepared to watch everyone around you catch the soccer bug, so even if you’re not an avid viewer, maybe just shrug and watch along–you might just catch it yourself! While the bad news is that World Cup 2022 is being hosted in a timezone eleven hours ahead, the good news is that you can have Hearthstone at home by pick-up or delivery, so you can eat great food and scream ¡Olé! any time of day! 

Fútbol Fuel

It’s probably going to be easier to order take-out from Hearthstone this World Cup season than it will be to wake up/stay up for some of the games. You can order online or via Hearthstone’s website so you can time your pick-up or delivery better than a forward on a corner kick. Favorites like Lollipop Chicken Wings, Mini Sliders, or one of Hearthstone’s signature pizzas are perfect for eating while you’re soccer spectating.  Don’t forget that Hearthstone also has At-Home Family Feasts or Catering To-Go options if you happen to be hosting the entire FIFA Fanclub and need to feed the equivalent of, well–a soccer team. 

Coin Phrase Cheat Sheet 

Now that you know how to feed yourself and others for the World Cup, it’s time to learn how to sound like a long-time soccer insider. Here are some beyond-the-basics terms to know before you watch the first team take the pitch: 

A 1-2: A quick back-and-forth pass between two teammates that allows the first passer to gain ground 

Bending the Ball: Kicking the ball in a way that makes it move in a curved path, ideally for shots on goal. Hence the movie name Bend It Like Beckham

Dummy Run: A run by a player without the ball to trick defenders away from the player with the ball

Give and Go: Another name for a 1-2 

Inswinger: Similar to bending the ball, but specifically a kick that curves the ball toward the goal

Offside Trap: When the defense moves quickly away from their own goal in order to put attacking players in an offside position


Want to learn a few more? Check out this quick video for more “soccer slang” that will help you hang with the hardcore fans!