Hearthstone in Summerlin Makes Apps Like a Champ

Hearthstone in Summerlin Makes Apps Like a Champ

Hearthstone’s Appetizers Are a Perfect Start to Any Meal 

The phrase “to whet one’s appetite” is one of those phrases that is better heard than seen. Many don’t know that the word whet spelled with an “h” means “to stimulate” and is a homophone of wet, which means “to dampen or soak with liquid”. This differentiation really only matters if you’re a contestant on Jeopardy or if you’re debating on whether or not to order an appetizer. Some may think it’s silly to order food before even more food, but appetizers are meant to wake up and stimulate your digestive system–basically like stretching before a workout. As stretching is key for peak performance, set your stomach up for success with one of Hearthstone’s amazing appetizers that’ll make your dining experience one for the record books. 

Lollipop Chicken Wings 

It’s hard to imagine that chicken wings could get any better, but Lollipop-style wings have proven that they can. Lollipop wings discard the smaller part of the bone and push all the meat down into a condensed, juicy ball. It basically puts all the best meat in one spot and gives you a nice clean little handle to hold, resembling a lollipop on a stick. Hearthstone’s Lollipop wings are made buffalo style and with a side of blue cheese, so they’ll fire up your appetite in a few delicious bites. Most beers go great with buffalo style, but Maverick will tell you that the best wingman ever is Goose…Island 312. It has a balanced taste that compliments the zest of the hot sauce and won’t get weighed down by the blue cheese. Pair these two together for a successful first mission. 

Roasted Garlic Hummus 

Hummus is a fan favorite for all different types of eaters, especially because this chickpea concoction can be doctored up with different flavors and spices. Hearthstone’s hummus takes crispy chickpeas and blends them with roasted garlic for a smooth and robust spread. Instead of the usual pita bread that accompanies hummus, Hearthstone provides fresh veggies for dipping as well as warm garlic naan, a leavened flatbread made with egg and thickened with yogurt that once baked provides a heartier and heavier vessel for loading up the hummus. You absolutely must try the Cucumber Essence cocktail with Haku Vodka and splashes of lime and cucumber, as the latter is reminiscent of tzatziki and other spices commonly served with Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisine, and it will really tie the whole experience together.

Flaming Crab Dip 

Another purpose of appetizers is, according to The Encyclopedia Britannica, “to be provocative, they enable diners to enjoy foods that are too pronounced in taste or too rich to be eaten in larger quantities.” If you’re looking for a saucy little minx for your meal, then Hearthstone Flaming Crab dip is the appropriate choice. This rich and creamy crab dip is mixed with hot sauce and spice, topped with chives, and dolloped with cognac for a sultry flavor finish that highlights the sweetness of the crab.  Like the Roasted Garlic Hummus, the Flaming Crab Dip is also served with toasted garlic naan. Tack on a Sidecar cocktail with Remy Martin Cognac, Cointreau, Lemon Juice, and an Orange Blossom Water Spritz to double down on the cognac and lemon to bring out that seafood freshness. 

Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar knows how to make any dining experience stellar, so come get started with one of these amazing appetizers ASAP.