Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar Has A-1 Ambiance

Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar Has A-1 Ambiance

Come to Hearthstone for the Food and Stay For the Atmosphere 

It’s no secret that Hearthstone has the best food in Summerlin, Nevada, due to its rave reviews and popularity. One of the things that often gets less attention about this great restaurant is its ambiance, which is actually a very important factor when dining out. Moira Hodgson put it best in a classic article in The New York Times


Great chefs and good home cooks understand that eating is both a physiological and a psychological act. Where one eats can be as important as what is eaten. The body responds in the most subtle of ways to surroundings – to harsh colors, bad lighting, noise or tension. It is no coincidence that some of the highest-rated restaurants are also among the most beautiful.

With this sage insight, it’s easy to see another reason for Hearthstone’s acclaim–their gorgeous aesthetic.   

Inside Dining Room & Bar 

Eating has always been communal and ritualistic for people, and a good time to connect with family and friends. People want to be relaxed and comfortable when they eat, so where they eat is almost as important as what they eat. 

Hearthstone definitely provides an atmosphere that enhances the experience. They have industrialesqe light fixtures that are plentiful but not harsh, and offer close to natural daylight so the colors of the food are sharp and readable as well as the faces of your party. The bar is brilliantly lit so that the alcohol and beer choices are easy to see–no more squinting or guessing at what you are ordering! The color palette has a  blend of muted colors with black providing balanced contrast, and the decor is modern farmhouse meets mid century modern. This is consistent with the top home design trends, so it literally feels like they’re at home. This effect is doubled with the adorable and cozy lounge area decked out with leather couches, cushioned chairs, and candles adorning rustic coffee tables fringed with plants. It’s the perfect place to chat the night away and sip drinks. 

Outside Patio 

The outside patio area is modern English garden meets posh Vegas: tall palm trees surrounded by manicured flower beds line the perimeter with a gorgeous view of Red Rock Conservation Area and the Spring Mountains. The white dining sets are adequately spread out, able to seat parties of two or four or to be combined to accommodate larger parties. The seats are cushioned for comfort and the table decorations are charming without being overwhelming or detracting from the eating space. This outdoor area transitions well from day to night too–the palm trees are professionally lit so they are illuminated to show their full stature, and the overhead lighting is delicately balanced overhead on wiring so as to become noticeable only when turned on, providing a moderately bright space that is toned down for the evening but highlights the necessary things like walkways, people’s faces, and of course, where your food is placed on the table. In the post-Covid lockdown era, it’s especially important for people to be out and about and connect again, but to still feel safe doing so. The patio at Hearthstone is the perfect place for outdoor ventilation that still offers comfort and style.