Fall Fantasy Is Springing to Life With Hearthstone’s Spirit Tree Cocktails

Fall Fantasy Is Springing to Life With Hearthstone’s Spirit Tree Cocktails

You Don’t Want to Snooze on Seeing How Hearthstone Pairs Beauty with Booze With Their New Spirit Tree Cocktails

Forget your spirit animal–what is your spirit tree? The answer to that question is now at Hearthstone with their brand new Spirit Tree cocktail towers! To envision, picture breathtaking botanical arrangements intertwining around premium cocktails in a sight straight out of J-Lo’s (J-AF now?) last wedding. Each tree comes with 4 cocktails in three available flavors that are as crisp and luxurious as the view from Hearthstone’s amazing patio–all for only $49! These Spirit Trees are so freaking ‘Gram worthy that you’ll have a harder time deciding what to wear than you will what flavor to order when you get to Hearthstone! 

Blackberry Mule

It’s an age-old adage that the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Many people don’t know that there’s more to that saying, “and when you add tequila, you’ll make great booze!” Hearthstone certainly follows this sage advice with their fruity flavor Blackberry Mule. A mix of Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Blackberries, Lime Juice, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, and hints of sage makes this Blooming Cocktail Tree a wise choice. It’s balanced enough to drink solo but even better when complimenting the savory tastes of meat and cheese from Hearthstone’s Charcuterie Board. 

Cucumber Spritzer 

Even though fall is in the air, sometimes you just need that “so fresh and so clean” feeling no matter the season. The Cucumber Spritzer is exactly that with Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Dashes of Celery Bitters, Cucumbers, and Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic. If you’re in on a Wednesday, order this crisp little number to accentuate the fresh taste of $1 oysters for a sum that won’t break the bank but will blow your mind.  If you’re around for a boozy brunch, the Acai Bowl will suit the light-bodied Cucumber Spritzer to a tee. 

Hibiscus Paloma 

Are you sort of like a Sour Patch kid where you start out sour but end up sweet? Do you like a little bit of tartness followed up with some sugah? Then the Hibiscus Paloma at Heartstone will be–literally and figuratively–made for you! Concocted with Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Hibiscus Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice, Grapefruit Fever Tree Tonic, Hibiscus Salt, and then finished with a sugar rim, this fresh-looking flower ironically packs a tangy taste. This flavor palette is perfect for the Mediterranean Salad, and you also can’t go astray ordering the Hibiscus Paloma with the brunch Breakfast Parfait.

Experience the Magic of Hearthstone’s Spirit Tree Cocktails

These Spirit Tree Cocktails may sound like a dream, but they are in fact a reality. Come experience the magic at Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar!