Hearthstone’s Thanksgiving Family Feast To-Go Is One To Be Grateful For

Hearthstone’s Thanksgiving Family Feast To-Go Is One To Be Grateful For

Hearthstone Will Do The Heavy Lifting For You This Thanksgiving With Their Thanksgiving Family Feast To-Go

Did you know that 71% of Americans say that they start to feel stressed right around Thanksgiving? While the holidays are marketed as being times of gratitude and gathering with loved ones, the part about prep–like cleaning, planning, traveling, and feeding all those loved ones–is often overlooked. If you’re the lucky family member that gets to host this year, you’re probably already sweating the details. Well, sweat no longer–Hearthstone has you covered this Thanksgiving with their Thanksgiving Family Feast To-Go!

Feast Your Eyes On This Deliciousness 

As of 2020, most Americans cited their favorite Thanksgiving dishes as turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing/dressing. Hearthstone has incorporated all of that and more into their Thanksgiving Family Feast To-Go. It features a whole herb-roasted turkey basted to juicy perfection as well as sides of sweet potato puree with toasted marshmallows, loaded mashed potatoes, delectable sausage cornbread stuffing, savory green beans, and preserved Meyer lemon, and classic cranberry sauce. For dessert, choose between pecan or pumpkin pie to end this delicious medley of food on a sweet note. For only $295 you can feed your entire family of up to 8 people without the last-minute trips to the store or endless hours of prep and steps. 

More Reasons To Avoid Cooking This Season

If you have never attempted it before, cooking a turkey is not easy. In fact, it’s downright difficult. You’ve got to thaw the thing for 24 hours before you cook it, clean it out (gross), figure out how to keep it moist, and cook it for around 13 mins per pound. Apparently, the Butterball hotline answers 100,000 calls about cooking a turkey every year. The day after Thanksgiving is also the busiest day for plumbers because people cooking turkeys mistakenly pour the grease down the drain, leading to clogs and other issues. And this is all just from the main dish! It’s best to just forego the mess and stress–for you and your kitchen drain–and get Hearthstone’s Thanksgiving Family Feast To-Go.

How To Order Hearthstone’s Thanksgiving Family Feast To-Go 

Ordering the Thanksgiving Family Feast To-Go is the smoothest part of this entire effortless process. Simply order at www.hearthstone.com/thanksgivingtogo from now until 9 pm on Sunday, November 20th (or until supplies last) then pick up at your selected time on either November 23rd or 24th. Then you can just serve and stuff yourself fuller than the turkey you didn’t have to cook. It’s as easy as pumpkin pie.