Live Music Fridays and Saturdays: What’s Coming Up in April

Live Music Fridays and Saturdays: What’s Coming Up in April

At Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar, we are committed to creating a unique and delicious dining experience. However, we recognize that for many people, dining out isn’t solely about the food. Moreover, going out to a restaurant is about the full experience: enjoying quality time in good company, sampling new flavors and discovering new cuisine styles, and savoring the experience of a night on the town.

With award winning chef Brian Massie heading up the kitchen, we’re confident in our ability to deliver high quality cuisine to all of our customers. But why stop there when we can heighten the experience even further with quality entertainment? After all, this is Vegas: we do enjoy a good show. So, to augment your culinary experience, we feature live music acts each Friday and Saturday. Here’s the basic setup of our entertainment schedule:

Live Music Fridays: On Fridays, we feature a rotation of different musical acts at Hearthstone. While you’ll see an eclectic variety of performing styles, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a high-energy and high caliber performance. Upcoming performers on our schedule have been featured on The Voice, American Idol, and have toured internationally. Shows begin at 8pm weekly.

Live Music Saturdays

Live Music Saturdays: On Saturdays, we currently have a recurring act by our resident musician, Mahi Crabbe (see his bio, below). Shows begin at 8pm weekly. Concurrently, you can also enjoy another weekly special: every Saturday, from 9-11pm, we offer a “reverse happy hour”, which features $6 specials on drinks and small bites.

Upcoming Shows in April. Curious about checking out our weekly entertainment? Here’s the 411 on some of the upcoming events this month at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar. Continue reading below to discover more information and a description of these talented artists.

Friday, 4/7: Taj

Saturday, 4/8: Mahi Crabbe

Friday, 4/14: Josh Liberio

Saturday, 4/15: Mahi Crabbe

Friday, 4/21: Cameron Dettman

Saturday, 4/22: Mahi Crabbe

Friday, 4/28: Kaylie Foster

Saturday, 4/29: Mahi Crabbe

About the musicians:

Curious about whose work will be showcased? Here’s an introduction to some of our upcoming performers, so that you can get a taste for their style and check out their work before coming in to see them perform.

Josh Liberio: This genre-blending musician describes his work as “Adele meets EDM with a hip hop beat”. Frustrated by the turnover and coordination required to maintain a backup band, Liberio took inspiration from Ed Sheeran’s approach to a live show and bought a loop pedal and began learning how to integrate it into his gigs, often sharing with concert-goers how he builds his backing band: himself.

J. Liberio didn’t always think that a career in music was possible, but he does now. After stints on The Voice Season 4, honing his craft on Vancouver-based cruise ships, and sharing the stage with Justin Bieber, this vocalist and multi-instrumentalist has created a sound of his own, that you have to hear to believe. Discover his unique sound for yourself on his website; he’s live at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar on Friday, April 7th.

Mahi Crabbe: Magnetic and high-energy, our resident musician Mahi Crabbe offers a show like no other. Originally from the island of Hawaii, Mahi’s roots show in his music, which includes plenty of Island pop styling with a healthy dash of pure fun. A longtime performer, Mahi first jumped to the public eye when he was a finalist on American Idol. His popularity and career have skyrocketed since then, and he has toured extensively as a solo performer and with Anuhea.

Mahi continues to sharpen his craft and move the masses weekly. Check out his work and follow his fascinating journey via his website. Catch him live at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar every Saturday in April.

Cameron Dettman: Singer-songwriter Cameron Dettman adeptly and creatively combines aspects of funk, soul, blues, and country in his music. He crafts a sound that is all his own by approaching these genres with his modern pop sensibility. Combined with Dettman’s lively tenor vocals, once your ears get a taste of his sound, you’ll absolutely want more.

Formerly the frontman of Play For Keeps, Dettman began to pursue solo work after the band’s dissolution. As a solo act, he has been able to pursue a lively new musical direction that he never would have found in a group. In the few years he’s performed as a solo act, he’s already opened for acts like popular pop-punk band The Downtown Fiction, has performed at the Music Is Beautiful Showcase in downtown Las Vegas, and was also one of the top three finalists  in Star 107.9 Radio’s “Who Wants To Be A Star?” competition. You can check out Cameron’s work on his website. Cameron Dettman performs at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar on Friday, April 21.

Kaylie Foster: Singer-songwriter Kaylie Foster is talented beyond her years: at just 24, she’s already a seasoned performer. Her passion for music stems from her early childhood, where she grew up surrounded by an eclectic mix of music, and Kaylie always knew that she wanted to be a performer; as she puts it, “I’ve always had a passion for music and writing songs. I think I was about 10 or 11 when I wrote my first song.”

Her work is eclectic and varied, but even while not being held back by a single genre, she has an absolutely unique sound which comes straight from the heart. Kaylie performs regularly around her hometown of Las Vegas, and relishes the opportunity to share her voice and songwriting skills. Get a sneak peek of her work on her website. Kaylie Foster performs at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar on Friday, April 28.

Once you check out our live music Fridays and Saturdays, we’re sure you’re going to be hooked. So come on in, enjoy some delicious food, and catch a new musical act. It’s bound to be a great night out in Vegas.

Which show are you most excited about in April?