National Best Friends Day

National Best Friends Day

My Ride or Die.


Soul sister.


Partner in crime.


Keeper of secrets.

Brotha’ from anotha’ motha’.

Sistah’ from anotha’ mistah’.

A best friend doesn’t have to be a singular person. You can have one that encompasses every enjoyable quality, or you can have many that compliment your dynamic personality.

A long time ago, when times seemed much simpler, I remember having one of those arguments with my two best friends in the third grade: “you can only have one best friend!” Like a fable, it was believed you couldn’t possibly have two best friends. After all, “best” friend means the best out of all your friends, the cream of the crop, the top notch… and in this competitive society, we’re conditioned to believe that to be the best means a singular, solitary winner over the rest. Thus, “you can only have one.”

But I couldn’t choose. And till this day, I can’t—I have too many celebrate in my life.  Back then, my best friends complimented each other, and me, perfectly. We were like spokes in a wheel; we created a Recycling Club together—because even at 8, we knew the planet needed saving. We had a Tree House Club, even though none of us actually had a tree house. We had a Hoola Hoop Club, where we hooped for two hours straight each day.  We had a lot of clubs that encompassed our interests together, and we each brought different ideas, backgrounds and qualities that inspired and complimented each other like a three sided yin and yang.

Through highs school, college, and post-grad, I’ve different phases in what I called best friends. Athletes, emos, gamers, ravers, socialites, thespians, bookworms, they’ve all represented my own chapter and growth in life. Now, my best friends are 20 years older than I am. And you bet, when we go out, we see the perplexed looks on everybody’s faces, deciphering if I am one of their daughters, or if I’ve had really good plastic surgery. “Why do you hang out with us old people?,” my friends joke, about my 29-year-old-arse-hanging-out-with-a-group-of-older-married-couples-that-actually-party-more-than-I can. This group, we call ourselves “the drinking group with an exercise problem.” This chapter in my life– these best friends– represent inspiration: they show me that love, marriage, passion and understanding can actually live—happily— past 20 years and beyond.

I believe every phase in life will present you with your best friend(s) for your exact chapter in life.

On this National Best Friend Day, June 8th, there are a lot of things to celebrate. From all backgrounds, ages, all beliefs, orientations, this is the day to officially honor your best friend… the best way: with a delicious cocktail.

Cheers to the one that keeps your secrets.

Cheers to the one that inspires your creative chaos, because they are what the world needs.

Cheers to the one that makes you laugh, because they make you forget sadness.

And to the one that calls you on your sh*t, because they are the truth bearers.

Cheers to the one that believes your dreams, because they are what your inner child wants.

Cheers to the one that says “text me when you get home,” because they love the hardest.

Cheers to the ones you call family, and raise a glass with us to celebrate this Thursday, National Best Friend Day, June 8th, at Clique Hospitality venues; celebrate your best friend’s official day at Hearthstone Las Vegas, Libre, Borracha Mexican Cantina, Salute in Red Rock, and Bottiglia Italian Restaurant, and show us our Best Friend Instagram post to receive 2-for-1 drink specials on well cocktails, draft wine and beer.

It’s like happy hour and brunch just had a baby.

Every day is special when you get to spend it with your yang; your better half; your soul sibling. And to commemorate your best friend on this special occasion, here is a special toast to raise your glass too:

“Here’s to you and here’s to me

The best of friends we’ll ever be.