The Fascinating History of Fried Chicken

The Fascinating History of Fried Chicken

History of Fried Chicken

Here at Hearthstone, we love fried chicken. After all, if you take a look at our menu, you will see how predominantly we feature our handmade fried chicken on our menu. This is also why we are super excited to announce that July 6th is officially National Friend Chicken Day. In honor of National Fried Chicken Day, we have decided to detail some of our favorite facts about the fascinating history of fried chicken.

There are Three Main Ways to Make Fried Chicken

Pan frying, deep frying and roasting chicken are the three main ways to make this world-famous dish. There are many debates on which technique is best, but we have decided that it is typically up to your preference.

Americans Weren’t The First People to Make Fried Chicken

While American southerners may claim to have cornered the market on fried chicken, they actually weren’t the firs to make this dish. Europeans have had a history of making fried chicken since the middle ages. While Americans have their own twist on the dish now, they didn’t necessarily come up with the concept.

Korean Fried Chicken is Twice As Nice

 If you like really, really crispy fried chicken, then you may want to try Korean Fried Chicken. It is fried twice, and typically served with a sauce that really packs some extra punch.

Fried Chicken Hit the Fast Food Scene in the 1950s

Today, there are plenty of places you can go for quick, fried chicken. However, the trend really came about in the USA in the 1950s when “Colonel” Harland Sanders began franchising his restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken. Of course, the chain is still around today, along with other fried chicken spots like Harold’s Chicken Shack, Bojangles, Church’s, Popeyes and Chick-Fil-A.

Now that we have your mouth watering a little bit, and have you excited about fried chicken, then make sure that you come down to Hearthstone to enjoy our delicious fried chicken for yourself. We will be celebrating National Fried Chicken Day here at Hearthstone and we always have our homemade fried chicken on our menu if you want to make every day your own National Fried Chicken Day.