Vote Hearthstone for Best of Las Vegas Now Through September 12th

Vote Hearthstone for Best of Las Vegas Now Through September 12th

If you love the fresh delicious food, and fun cocktail list that Hearthstone is known for, it’s time to spread the love by voting for Hearthstone in the Best of Las Vegas 2017. We know that Hearthstone is one of your favorite spots for happy hour drinks and farm to table entrees, so now we’re asking you to get out and vote for Hearthstone for this year’s list so others can get in on the action, too.

Every year, Best of Las Vegas takes the opinions the people to develop their list of the best things to do, eat, drink and explore in the city. There are “Best Of” categories for virtually everything that makes Las Vegas great and Hearthstone is eligible to make the list in several categories—but we need YOUR help.

Best of Las Vegas then showcases the top spots in the city every year in their annual issue so that everyone visiting or living in Vegas knows the best spots to go and can take advantage of the best that Las Vegas has to offer. We know you’ve seen the signs before so now it’s time to help Hearthstone make the list.

Voting is easy and it only takes a few moments. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Visit

Step Two: Click the VOTE Banner at the top of the page.

Step Three: Choose the “Eat and Drink” Category and hit “Next.”

Step Four: Select the subcategory “Best Outdoor Dining” at the top and hit “Next.”

Step Five: Click on Hearthstone and hit “Next.”

Step Six: Click on “Vote in Another Category” and click “Continue.”

Step Seven: Repeat steps for “Best Farm to Table,” “Best Happy Hour” and “Best Chicken Wings”

Step Eight: Click “Submit Ballot.”

It is really that simple! Casting your vote for Best of Las Vegas puts Hearthstone in the running to be selected as one of the best restaurants in all of these categories. Yes, we are eligible for Best Outdoor Dining, Best Farm to Table, Best Happy Hour AND Best Chicken Wings. You can vote daily! So, get out there and vote for this year’s list as often as you can. Voting ends September 12th, 2017 so make sure you vote today!