Welcome to Hockey Season at Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar

Welcome to Hockey Season at Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar

Enjoy Vegas Golden Knights Hockey at Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar This Season

Hockey season is back in full swing, and Hearthstone is here to help you get in that hockey spirit! In honor of the Golden Knight’s Sixth season in Vegas, Hearthstone will give you a free draft beer if you wear your VGK gear, and they’ll also give out a free shot for every Golden Knights goal scored. Seeing as they’ve already scored 10 goals in only 3 games to start the season, you’ll probably want to make sure you have DZD when you come out (Designated Zamboni Driver). If you’re still newish to hockey like the Golden Knights are to Vegas, here are some common hockey slang terms that are helpful to know so you’ll sound like an old pro in no time. 

Most Valuable Slang

If you speak hockey, then you’re pretty much bilingual. Although it sounds like English, it’s altered and ridiculously specific–but also a lot of fun! Here are some main hockey terms to get you started.   


What Is It? An act of celebration and a shortened variation of that word. Usually used after scoring a goal or a win

What is it not? A dumb term for a smartphone 


What Is It? A smushed word for the phrase “for the boys.” Used to describe something cool. 

What is it not? The name of your great-great aunt


What Is It? A goal 

What is it not? The foreign exchange student from Italy 


What Is It? This means loser. It comes from the days of playing hockey outside when the losing team had to hose down the ice after a game to make it playable for the next time. 

What is it not? The person on the firetruck who mans the hose


What Is It? A hockey jersey 

What is it not? An anxious or nervous person who excretes a lot of hot liquid out of their pores

Hockey Slang, Not Food

As previously mentioned, knowing how to talk hockey is basically like speaking another language entirely. And, like when learning another language, there’s always some overlap in meaning. The following hockey terminology are good to know when watching in a restaurant or bar or wherever food is served so as to avoid confusion: 


What is it? The hockey puck 

What is it not? A delicious, fluffy baked good that tastes better with butter 


What is it? When the game ends 0-0 AKA a tie  

What is it not? The produce of a chicken 


What is it? Hair on the head or hair on the face (long hair is also known as “flow” if able to see it sticking out beneath the helmet)

What is it not? A crisp, watery leafy vegetable typically used in salads 


What is it? A shot that wavers so much back and forth in the air on the way to the net that it should have been stopped but somehow still went in.

What is it not? A mini cake-like pastry 


What is it? A shot that leaves the ice so it’s more difficult for the other team to gain possession of it 

What is it not? Marinara, Alfredo, Barbeque, or any other condiment or cream-based liquid topping

Top Shelf: 

What is it? The upper section of the goal’s net between the crossbar and the goalie’s shoulders (sometimes also referred to as “cheese”)

What is it not? The nicer, more expensive liquor served at the bar is typically ordered to impress women, clients, or friends not seen in awhile