Grab a Slice of Savings With 50% Off Pizza Sundays At Hearthstone

Grab a Slice of Savings With 50% Off Pizza Sundays At Hearthstone

Practice Practicality with 50% Off Pizza Sundays

Pizza is like the opposite of Cinderella’s slipper: it fits everyone. It’s one of the most beloved aspects of American cuisine, perfect for any time, anywhere, and with anyone. Americans also love an amazing discount, and an amazing discount on pizza–absolutely magical. Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar has various types of handcrafted, hearty pizzas for you to try until you find the one that gives you your pizza fairytale ending, and from 4-9 pm offers them for 50% off. Whether you made it home by midnight like Cinderella or stayed out all night til you turned into a pumpkin, there’s plenty of time to make it to Hearthstone on Sundays for this bewitching steal of a deal. 

Classy Classics 

Despite delicious variations on the menu, Hearthstone offers the safe, reliable classics like Pepperoni and Cheese pizza. Fun fact, their cheese pizza is titled D.O.C which stands for denominazione di origine controllata; that means the mozzarella is certified to be from the Campania region in Italy and made to specific standards. Just more proof in the (pizza) pudding that Hearthstone truly goes all out for authenticity and taste. DOC pizza is accentuated when paired with dry or sparkling wines like the Mionetto Prosecco, another authentic from Prosecco, Italy. There’s no such thing as plain at Hearthstone–everything is elevated to appeal to the diner at another level. 

Meat Me Halfway

You’ve heard of a meat-lovers pizza, but that doesn’t even come close to describing the Meatball and Short Rib pizza at Hearthstone. The Meatball pizza features a beef and pork meatball that is a meal in itself yet is accompanied by whipped ricotta, mozzarella, and marinara sauce for a straight-up foodie fantasy. In a similar fashion, the Short Rib pizza starts with a tender, juicy short rib and zests it with Calabrian chile, basil, and tomato sauce. Either one of these magnificent meat pies will put stars in your eyes, and if you want to draw out the delicious, opt for a Cabernet Sauvignon to highlight the flavors of the meat and spice. If you’re a strict adherer to the pizza and beer combo, a crisp Stella Artois will help to keep the weight of the palette balanced, and maybe even your pants too. 

A Pizza Italian Culture 

Italians love their mushrooms and have been doing the good old Truffle shuffle for centuries. Since the popularity of the truffle has recently exploded into culinary culture, Hearthstone is all too ready to show the world that this genre has already been well done and won. Their Truffle Mushroom pizza showcases this majestic mushroom with gouda, a Fromage blanc, and chives for an earthy and tangy treat. You can add chicken if you want a little more protein, but more importantly, you should add a lighter-bodied Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir complements truffles more than a man desperate for a date. For the ultimate self-love, indulge in the Prosciutto & Arugula pizza with mozzarella, parmesan, and aged balsamic drizzle and a buttery white wine like the Jordan Chardonnay. The smooth finish and density will compliment the acidity and slight bitterness of the arugula and balsamic dressing, giving you what nutritionists surely mean when they say “a well-balanced meal”. Thanks to Hearthstone’s 50% off pizza Sundays, you’ll also have a well-balanced checkbook.

Reserve Your Seat At 50% Off Pizza Sundays

Take it easy by keeping it cheesy! Make a reservation here, or call us at 702.797.7344. For parties of more than 12 please call us at 702.489.2129 or make a group dining inquiry.