Beat Your Sweet Tooth With Dessert From Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar 

Beat Your Sweet Tooth With Dessert From Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar 

Indulge in Sweets That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet With Dessert From Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar

Growing up, it seemed like the coolest thing about being an adult was the freedom to do whatever without anyone telling you no. Many of us swore that once we finally reached the age of adulthood, we’d live the dream: eat whatever we want, stay up late, play with matches–the works. Unfortunately, responsibility creeps in before you realize it, and you’re grown-up blueprint gets buried under bills and bachelorette party invites. While some of those things can’t be avoided (the surest thing in life are death and taxes), there is one way to reclaim at least part of your childhood dream: eat whatever you want. Not a fan of vegetables? Don’t want a sensible dinner? Worry not! Dessert from Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar would have made your youthful eyes bulge out of your head like you were in a Roger Rabbit movie. Here’s a little taste of their Have Mercy desserts. 

Flaming Strawberry Crunch Bar Baked Alaska 

Remember when lighting things on fire seemed so badass? Well, it still is, especially when it’s done to make your dessert taste even better. Baked Alaska is a rich and decadent cake that has an ice cream bottom and is encircled with meringue, which is browned (flambé ole!). There are many variations of Baked Alaska, but the good news is that they’re all amazing. Hearthstone’s version uses vanilla ice cream, strawberry sorbet, pound cake, and strawberry vanilla crumble. The flambé is done with Grand Marnier, giving it a nutty finish. This intensely rich dessert pairs well with any deep red wine or a Grand Manhattan. 

Seasonal Peach Bread Pudding 

Bread Pudding is the ultimate comfort food and with the way it’s made, it almost seems like a kid invented the recipe. Basically, you take any leftover bread, throw in any other morsels you think taste good, then smother it with custard. However, a true chef can take this simple concoction and make it into a culinary masterpiece, which is what Hearthstone has done. They use donut bread pudding, fresh summer peaches, shortbread crumble, vanilla ice cream, creme Anglaise, and then candied pecans for the final touch. It’s like a sweet southern woman made entirely out of sugar materialized and made this dessert just for you. Sync it with a Sidecar from the bar for the ultimate palette portal to another dimension. 

The Frozen Pineapple

Some of the best things in life are the simplest and arise from the most basic of human needs. For instance, it’s summer and it’s ragingly hot, so a cool, sweet treat is just the ticket. When the weather gets this wicked, even the hint of a tropical breeze can do wonders. Hearthstone has delectable pineapple sorbet with passion fruit and mango to give you both the cooldown and pick-up that you’ve been craving. Make it even better with a mojito to highlight the crisp, fruity finish. A taste of paradise is certainly a step toward the right direction of the unique utopia we imagined as children. Enjoy a scoop before you become completely pooped by adult life.

If you’re looking for a little sugar, Sugah, head over to Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar where dessert is done right every night!