Celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day at Hearthstone

Celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day at Hearthstone

Have A Dairy Good Day at Hearthstone

Cheese is amazing. It can be a meal in itself or it can add to a meal. It’s great melted, cold, sprinkled, cubed, stringy, a little burnt, mixed–you name it. There are hundreds of types of cheese with varieties of flavors and different cheeses from all over the world. Cheese is so universally beloved that we yell out its name every time we take a picture. On January 20th, show the world there’s nothing you love better than Colby, swiss, and cheddar, and celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day at Hearthstone! 

How Do I Love Brie? Let Me Count The Ways…

It may seem ridiculous to avow a love for cheese, but the human relationship with cheese has actually been scientifically studied. There are two types of people in regard to cheese: those who use cheese to enhance and those who seek out cheese by any means. Marketers have even named these as consumer types: enhancers and cravers. Per Forbes, those who love and crave cheese may actually be slightly addicted to it. That’s due to the casein protein in cheese that, put bluntly, acts like opiates but on a smaller scale. So, if you fall into the category of craver, that’s not your fault baby! Your brain is basically bumping when you eat a salty, creamy food like cheese, and it wants you to eat more of it. 

Crave Away, Crave Away 

Scientists think that the addictive quality of cheese might be nature’s way of making humans nurse and seek protein as infants for survival. Cheese has been made for over 10,000 years, after all. If you’re a craver, you’re not alone: per the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the average American eats 23 pounds of cheese–or around 552 slices of Kraft Singles–per year. Cheese and dairy are great sources of protein too; it’s the fat and salt content of some that make cheese get a bad rap. You can seek out low-fat or sodium cheeses to keep your cravings down, or just try that moderation thing everyone seems to think is doable. To recap, loving cheese is natural, normal, and not that bad for you. 

Cheese Prescription For Your Addiction 

Hearthstone has all the cheese to please you this National Cheese Lovers Day, especially with its crowd-pleasing charcuterie boards. This assortment of cheese comes with meat, marinated olives, foie gras and fig mousse, truffle honey, grainy mustard, and fennel crisps in either a large or small serving. There’s also the D.O.C. cheese pizza (which stands for denominazione di origine controllata, meaning the mozzarella is from Campania, Italy, and made to specific standards) if you like to get a little saucy with your cheese lovin’. Other great options include Hearthstone’s Mac & Cheese, Classic Cheeseburger, or the Vegan Cheese Pizza for those who love the taste but not the means of cheese. 

You can take a look at more great options at Hearthstone here before you celebrate the best cheese-loving day of the year!