Ignite, Spark, or Rekindle Romance With Date Night at Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar 

Ignite, Spark, or Rekindle Romance With Date Night at Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar 

Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar Does Romance Right On Date Night Or Any Night 

Most people associate love and romance with February because of Valentine’s Day, but August is actually National Romance Awareness Month. Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar in Summerlin has always had a soft spot for romance all year round with Date Night Mondays, offering a 3-course Prix Fixe Dinner for 2 and–most importantly–50% off bottles of wine–in order to help light the fire for all those looking for love. While Hearthstone serves the perfect meal to help seal the deal, we can’t cook up what you should do or say on a date on the fly. But years in the biz have helped us glean some dos and don’ts for restaurant dates, so pull up a chair as we share our ultimate wine and dine wisdom for Cupid’s couples of all ages and stages. 

First Date

The first date is ultimately the most nerve-wracking. The number one rule for a first date (besides actually looking like your picture) is to be on time. Every second that you’re late is one that your date is freaking out about ghosted, so start off on the right foot and be prompt. Hearthstone has an array of couches and chairs right by the entrance so you can casually chill–or at least appear to be doing so–if you get there first. No awkward hanging out by the host stand on Hearthstone’s watch! If you must go to the bar, order sparkling water or a mocktail like the So Fresh, So Clean (the pineapple juice might do right by you later, wink) in case you and your date opt to split a bottle of wine or you’re not sure if they’ll be imbibing upon arriving. Stay level and don’t let your nerves drown your sparkling personality before it has a chance to shine. And if you do opt-in for some alcohol once you’re both there, keep close tabs on how much you have. No one likes a sloppy…well anything, so keep up on your intake and don’t make the massive mistake of getting drunk on the first date.   

Cutesy Couple

Young or newly found love is a beautiful thing, and it can feel like you only have eyes for that special someone and just can’t help staring into one another’s. Everything gleams brighter and more vibrant, and it can seem that food even tastes better. Hearthstone’s ambiance and deductible dishes are a spectacular date night spot but can create the irresistible urge for couples to canoodle. To help keep your hands off one another, have some Fresh Oysters (not that you need the extra aphrodisiac), or other finger foods like the Roasted Garlic Hummus. Celebrate your love with a bottle of champagne or the specialty tequila cocktail Heat of Passion. Above all, remember that Hearthstone’s chic decor does not include tablecloths, our servers blush easily, and that this is solid advice no matter where or who you are (looking at you Kortney K). 

Long Time Love

Have you been together so long that you can finish one another’s sentences, or maybe even have surpassed the need to speak and communicate in a series of grunts? Date night is the perfect time to spice things up a bit and reconnect. Try something new off the menu, whether it be a new entree, cocktail, or even a dessert. If you’re ordering off the Monday Date Night menu, each chooses a different option and gives one another a taste. You could even skip a table and eat at the bar, especially since Hearthstone’s is long and spacious with stools cushy enough for any toushee. Even if date night isn’t as wild as it used to be, congratulate one another on still making the time to do it, and for making the smart choice of choosing Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar to keep the magic alive. 

Reserve Your Special Date Night at Hearthstone

No matter the night, Hearthstone caters to longtime loves and first dates alike with excellent deals, service, and entrees. We’re reliable so you can relax and take that chance at finding love!