Vino Thursdays Mean Half-Off Bottles At Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar

Vino Thursdays Mean Half-Off Bottles At Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar

Celebrate Thursdays With Fine Wine! Enjoy Half-Off Bottles at Hearthstone

Since a curious caveman first tried some decaying fruit and discovered fermentation, wine has been a comforting companion for humanity. What started out as an alcoholic caterpillar has transformed over centuries into a beautiful butterfly of tastes, grapes, and styles. A more recent development in society–Thirsty Thursdays–has normalized deals on drinks and the popularity of starting the weekend a day early. Hearthstone has combined these two loves and offers half-off bottles of all wine, all night, on Thursdays. Here’s a glimpse of some of the goods that will help you believe that this deal is–well–the real deal.  

Sparkling & Rose 

If you’ve ordered Domaine Chandon’s “Etoile Rose” Sparkling Rose, then you’ve picked a real winner–seriously. It won the Gold Medal from Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards as well as the Double Gold Medal from the SF Chronicle Wine Competition for the 2022 vintage alone. Wine Spectator 2022 describes it as “Luscious and graceful, with strawberry and apricot flavors that are laced with festive notes of fresh ginger and spiced cinnamon,” and if this doesn’t bring to mind Jackie O sipping this by the sea in Hyannis Port, I don’t know what will. This sparkling rose is perfect for oysters on the half-shell or the Watermelon salad or anything else that could use a fresh, arid, fruity zest. But if you really want to make your eyes roll to the back of your head, save enough for dessert and order the Flaming Strawberry Crunch Bar Baked Alaska. Careful if you just got a fresh pedi though, because your toes will definitely curl in ecstasy. 


If you’re not a sommelier or a self-identified wine snob, you may not have heard of Albariño wine before. It’s wonderfully exotic as it comes exclusively from the coast on the Iberian Peninsula, sporting a unique niche palette of lemon zest, grapefruit, honeydew, nectarine, and just a little lingering of sea salt. Albariño’s have a high acidity and levels of sugar, which the Martín Códax Vineyard says makes it have a unique freshness. When it comes to which food to pair it with, Albariños are amigos with anything from the sea. The Roasted Octopus appetizer is an excellent choice, and the Baja Striped Bass is a double whammy with its salsa verde, something that Albariños are said to “play very well with.” The Martín Códax Albariño is a definite meal and mood enhancer, even more so when it’s a part of the Vino Thursday special! 


Merlot has gotten a bad rap since the movie Sideways came out in 2003. It was probably at its lowest point as a grape in 2012 when popular sitcom New Girl had its snobbiest character, Schmidt, assert that “merlot is the whore of the vineyard.” But if you think about it, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because what it really means is that with Merlot anything goes. From the French Dip to the Rotisserie Chicken to even a Cheeseburger, Merlot stars in the supporting role. Don’t forget,  Merlot used to be so standard and popular that this legendary Seinfeld joke became–and still is–timeless (not to mention the iconic line “I’m crazy about merlot. I live for merlot” from The Yada Yada episode). All kidding aside, the Napa Cellars Merlot is one of the solid choices on Hearthstone’s menu and is bold, and tannic, yet on the sweeter side, making it even sweeter that it’s half off! 

Come Raise a Toast to Half-Off Bottles 

Join us in raising a glass bottle every Thursday at Hearthstone for deals on wine so fine, they’ll keep you rocking all of the time! Click here to make a reservation or give us a call at 702.797.7344.