New Healthy Options at Hearthstone Are Here!

Let Hearthstone Help You Feel Your Best 

It’s the first month of 2023 and most of us are trying our best to eat and be healthy. Some of us, in fact, are still going to the gym despite it being almost the third week of January! One of the best ways to stay successful with a diet or a healthy challenge is to have moral support. That’s why Hearthstone has your back so that you can focus on fitting up your front. The new healthy options at Hearthstone are here to help you have one of the best cracks at getting into shape or feeling your best this year. 

Make No Mis-STEAK

Sometimes it’s all about how something is cooked or prepared that makes it amazing. If you’re looking for something that has a hearty feel, then check out the Hearth Roasted Cauliflower Steak with roasted beet hummus and roasted vegetables. Cauliflower is a great vegetable not only because it’s high in fiber and B vitamins but also because it is easily transitioned to taste like other foods with the right spices. It’s basically like a blank slate for culinary creation. It’s also great for weight loss, digestion, and enhancing learning and memory. Thus, the Hearthstone Cauliflower steak is a delicious dish that you will not forget! You can preview your new Hearthstone go-to here

It’s All About That Balance

Some days you’ll be taking great healthy leaps while others it’ll feel like you’re back to baby steps when it comes to your new healthy lifestyle. For the latter, Hearthstone’s new healthy menu item the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Avocado is a great choice. It has plenty of protein and healthy fat that will make you feel full while still providing excellent fuel. Since it’s a sandwich, you can still get that carb fix without overdoing it, providing yourself with the almost illusive but now possible “balanced diet.” If you’d like to congratulate yourself on your future choice, view it here on Instagram for a glimpse at your newest healthy trophy. 

100% A Good Idea

If you haven’t started eating your cauliflower yet, you might have forgotten about Hearthstone’s Zero Proof Libations available all month for $12! The Purple Rain, Lycheeze, and Tropical Villa are all killer ways to stay on board the health train this January and beyond. Aside from just cutting back on calories, consuming less alcohol overall has great health benefits. You can feel more energetic, get better sleep, and might even see improvements in your skin and immune system. Quite honestly, you probably will have a hard time believing that you’re making a healthy decision with one of the mocktails because they taste too good to be true. Rest assured that you’re not dreaming–they’re the real deal! 

Don’t wait or hesitate–head down to try the new healthy menu options at Hearthstone post-haste! You can peruse the menu here for other great choices that are bound to take you to healthy places.