What is Rustic American Dining?

What is Rustic American Dining?

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Rustic American Dining

If you’ve visited the Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar website, you probably noticed that we brand our establishment as offering “rustic American dining”. While the phrase is certainly evocative, conjuring up images of cozy food in a warm and inviting atmosphere, it really only tells part of the story of the experience we’re offering.

Rustic American dining is the realization of our restaurant concept, and the experience we want to impart to our customers. Here, let’s break down the greater meaning of this phrase and how it guides every facet of our offerings and service from our unique Summerlin restaurant.

What’s in a phrase? First things first: let’s define the different parts of the phrase “rustic American dining”.

Rustic: constructed or made in a plain and simple fashion.

American: relating to or characteristic of the United States or its inhabitants.

Dining: to eat the principal meal of the day.

Obviously, each of these words is fairly simple and easy to understand. However, when they’re combined, that’s where the real magic happens. At Hearthstone, we combined the simplicity of these three words to create a truly exquisite restaurant concept.

“Rustic” represents our approach to food, which is simple and excludes unnecessary bells and whistles, instead focusing on high quality ingredients and preparation techniques that allow the flavors to shine.

“American” is our inspiration; our cuisine is inspired by the incredible and delicious dishes that make America unlike anywhere else. Since our nation truly is a melting pot, this makes our offerings incredibly eclectic, ranging from items like a sophisticated take on the Americana classic Deviled Eggs to Southern-inspired fried chicken to satisfying pizzas and pasta.

“Dining” pretty much speaks for itself, but it’s the way in which we wrap together our rustic and American inspiration into a deliverable form!

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Curating a quality experience.

As you can see by reading the above, “rustic American dining” is not just a marketing term for Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar. Rather, it’s a guiding principle and overarching concept. We try to align each and every offering to align with this concept. This means that every aspect of our restaurant is dedicated to curating a quality experience, including:

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As you walk into Hearthstone Cellar and Kitchen, you’ll be struck by the warm, inviting atmosphere. The decor is tasteful yet not too buttoned-up; we embrace a bit of eclecticism with bright colors, warmly appealing wooden tables, and exposed brick detailing.

While the venue is open and spacious, two wood burning stoves offer a sense of coziness. They’re not simply for rustic appeal though: these wood burning stoves are the centerpieces for creating our unique cuisine, and responsible for delivering the perfect crispy-charred crust on our pizzas and cooking menu items to perfection.

A creative menu

 As you browse the Hearthstone menu, few items will seem inaccessible or hard to understand. Yet at the same time, nothing is boring or expected. As you read through the menu, you’ll undoubtedly notice that even the most classic or “standard” American dishes always have a unique spin that makes them unique or special.

Take, for instance, our Caesar salad offering. This type of salad is fairly common on restaurant menus, but you’ve never seen one like our Shaved Brussel Sprout “Caesar,” which is served with Creamy caesar dressing and parmesan.

Or, consider our Braised Short Rib. While short rib is undoubtedly something you’ve seen on a restaurant menu before, you’ve probably never seen it prepared quite like we do it, wth

butternut squash gnocchi, truffle ricotta, and charred brussels sprouts.

Creating classic dishes with untraditional or creative touches or flourishes is one of the ways in which Hearthstone delivers a homey yet sophisticated experience to our customers.

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Sophisticated drinks menu

 “Rustic” doesn’t mean that we’re lacking in sophistication. As you can see by our extensive drinks menu, Hearthstone offers many options for creating a pleasurable and upscale dining and drinking experience.

Wine lovers will adore the ability to elevate their dining experience with selections from our well curated list. No matter what you’re into, be it sparkling wines, elegant rosés, or red or white wines of any texture, body, and variety, there’s truly something for every palate and a pairing for every dish on our menu.

Cocktails, too, can transform a dinner out into a memorable experience. To that point, we have a creative cocktail list. Incorporating just enough mixology elements to make the drinks special without being too over the top, you can enjoy balanced creations such as our Boulevardier cocktail, which is made with The Hilhaven Lodge blended American whiskey, Campari, and sweet vermouth, or our Reverse Vesper cocktail, which is made with Belvedere unfiltered vodka, Bombay Sapphire East gin, Vermouth Bianco, and orange bitters. These are just a few examples of our many cocktail offerings; be sure to browse our menu to see the full list.

Not into cocktails or wine? If you’re more of a beer drinker, we also have an impressive list of both drafts and bottles and cans; we also offer a variety of liquors and spirits for those who prefer to slowly sip and savor.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by Las Vegas restaurants. At Hearthstone Cellar and Kitchen, our goal is to offer a calm, welcoming yet sophisticated dining experience for our customers. We truly believe that when you visit our Summerlin location, you’ll enjoy a dining experience unlike any other through our well executed concept of rustic American dining!

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