Sunday Brunch Hangover Cures

Sunday Brunch Hangover Cures

Here at Hearthstone, we know there is nothing quite like a good Sunday Brunch. We also know there is nothing quite like a good Sunday brunch that can fix a bad hangover from Saturday night. This is why here at Hearthstone, we’ve created our list of our favorite Sunday brunch hangover cures and what we think will be just the ticket to making sure that you finally get that hangover under control and get back to feeling like yourself.

Here are our top choices to finally put that hangover, and that headache, to rest.

  • The Chicken and Waffles

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(Source: Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar)

Sometimes you really just need something hearty in order to help you get over your hangover. This is where our chicken and waffles come in. This dish is super filling and is sure to soak up all that extra alcohol from the night before.

  • Donut Bread Pudding French Toast

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(Source: Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar)

If you are like us, then those mornings you feel hungover, you feel like something sweet. If this is you, then our Donut Bread Pudding French Toast is just what you have been after. It is made with caramelized banana and rum banana maple syrup. Trust us, you have to taste this to believe it.

  • Protein Omelet

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(Source: Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar)

Sometimes to really refuel the body, you need some good ole’ fashion protein to help your body get up and running and get over that hangover. If this is what you are craving next time that Sunday hangover comes your way, then give our protein omelet a try. It is made with chicken, spinach, egg whites and mushrooms and comes with breakfast potatoes. Talk about a balanced meal!

  • Loco Moco

Looking for the ultimate mixture of foods to really fill your belly and keep you feeling like a million bucks after a long night? Try our Loco Moco. It is made with fried egg, gravy, chicken fried rice and prime burger meat. If this can’t fix your hangover, then nothing can!

Of course, while the right food can really help with those hangovers, there is nothing quite like biting the dog that bit you and adding the right alcoholic beverage to your brunch. It will really help curb those hangover pains and help you get back to feeling like yourself. This is why we have an entire Liquid Brunch menu for those mornings when nothing but more alcohol will do. We have our Bloody Tableside Cart, where you can customize your own Bloody Mary. We also have a Bottomless Michelada special that includes Bud Light, tomato mix and a Tajin Rim. Craving something a little sweeter to drink? Try our Bottomless Mimosa deal for just $15.

No matter which route you go, here at Hearthstone, we are ready to help you cure your hangover and finally get back to feeling like yourself.